2018- The Year of Nepali Women

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Nepali Wonder Woman

2018 was a big year – massive waves of change and  unprecedented accomplishments. As Nepal slowly crawls itself into the status of being ‘a Developing country’ , each passing year has seen it form milestones like never before.  This year in particular, has been a rise for those who identify as more than half of the Nepalese population – women.

This blog, we dedicate it to the women who’ve shattered taboos, broken headlines, and transformed Nepal with their persistence. This is also for the women who with each breaking dawn, are silently changing lives and propelling ripples of hope, house-to-house, office-to-office, and most remarkably, soul-to-soul.

1.‘Governed’ their political foothold: Women.

When Anuradha Koirala, a social activist, and a CNN Hero awardee, was appointed as the governor of Province 3, the Nepalese did not only beam with pride but were filled with a fresh faith towards progressiveness.
After the 2017 elections, women also occupied about 41 percent of posts at the federal, provincial and national levels of government in Nepal. *

Picture Source: WikiMedia

2. Spoke of it. Acted on it. #MeToo: Women

The movement that stemmed in India took off with full force this year as women all over the world spoke about workplace harassment. In this light, the women of Nepal also exhibited their courage and leveraged social media to expose those who fearlessly misused their position. The movement even got a Nepali rendition of its own: #malaipanisuna .
From Mayors to Professors, de-masking the vile faces of such ‘men-in-power’ propagated a wave that encouraged all Nepalese women to do what was highly needed – to speak up.

Picture Source : Pixabay

3. Beauty had a purpose: Women

The beauty pageant winners of Nepal this time shook not just our nation – but the world. The Earth and Universe too, to be precise. The respect they garnered this year attributes not only to the fact that they went as far as Top 10 in the competition, but because they worked hard for it.
From their introduction videos and the heart-warming #beautywithapurpose campaigns, to their constant efforts and wit, they were appreciated everywhere.
It gives us a hope that Nepal might soon get the coveted crown home someday. It also highlights that the ‘purpose’ is a huge part of the pageant. And as a nation who’s been struggling to overcome women and beauty-related taboos, we can’t deny we needed that!

Picture Source: The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal

You can watch DG members express their views on Beauty Pageants in a short podcast here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYk7yKfyIy4

4. ‘Clit’ically Un-Tabooed: Women

If you are someone who gets comfortable with topics related to women body, behavio, and sexuality – this year must have been highly unsettling. There were plays that exhibited blood-soaked underwears all over the streets. There were plays along the lines of ‘The Vaginal Monologue’ (which sprang in Nepal on 2016) that spoke on sexuality and health.
Businesses like ‘theshething’ flourished in 2018 too, along with the much-tabooed topic of menstruation.
Street plays, activist movements, and businesses all promoting women took a huge leap in 2018, and we’re nothing less than glad.

          Picture Source: Theshething

5. NRC: Abused, Destroyed, but Rising: Women

A rape-murder case occurred in July of 2018. The helplessness, pain, and injustice of Nirmala Pant has been ringing in the ears of Nepalese ever since then. As the culprits are still in their safe hiding even after months, there should have been despair all over the country.
But to the silver lining, there’s not. In fact, there’s rage, grit, and determination in the eyes of every Nepali Citizen. They’re in the streets, they’re behind vehicles, they’re in the walls – they’re looking for justice, and they’re not going to stop so easily.
Thousands of abuse, rapes, murders, and other heinous crimes happen every year, and many go unheard. But the fact that people are revolting against it, and are not ready to slack off at any given time is a shimmering beacon of hope.
With the same hope, we pray that this justice- although delayed, prevails.


Picture Source: The Kathmandu Post

As we step into 2019, there’s a lot to reflect on.
There are achievements to celebrate, lessons to learn from, and a lot of hope to keep pushing forward.
We hope that when we write the year end’s review next year, it’s full of happy moments and amazing news.
Let’s keep pushing, let’s work hard, let’s have grit, let’s learn to make the most out of every second of this beautiful mystery called life, and let’s never, give up.

We wish you a Happy New Year, 2019.

*Data taken from UN Women Nepal.

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