21 E-commerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

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21 Working Ecommerce Tips and Strategy

As the internet has grown larger, it has also been a marketplace. E-commerce platforms are increasing rapidly and there are various Digital Marketing strategy E-commerce business can apply to be ahead of their competitors and procure consistent sales.

If you are still seeking for a digital marketing agency to completely fulfill your needs that are out of the box. Then think it as “ You can get others to decorate your house, but it’s you who make it home”

If you own an E-commerce business in Nepal and maintaining constant conversion to operate a fully functioning and profitable E-commerce is a far fetched dream then these tips are for you. And as per your comfort and ease, you can classify the following points which you can consider yourself and consult a marketing consultant or digital marketing agency to perform.

The first thing you need to be clear is that business and marketing are two sides of a coin where without one the other is incomplete. The essential for a successful business and marketing campaign, is about understanding the business. You have your viewpoint on your business and your own vision to give it a flight whereas marketing agencies and consultants are concerned about the market where your business lands.

So directly getting into the various strategies you can use for your ecommerce business:

1. Use of Instagram

3 out of 5 Instagram users are everyday active users on Instagram and there is up to 68% engagement of followers to brands they follow. This is important insights for e-commerce to rely on this platform to run successful sales. Brands can use this platform as a branched structure for successful paid promotion Ad campaigns to drive conversion and organic consistent postings to engage the customer base. If you have heard about funnel for ecommerce you may be clear that Instagram creates visibility and required brand awareness.

Along with images, the hashtags helps you to maximize your reach towards people and your brand. And be sure to not flood your Instagram with stock images and be colliding it with real and beautiful images.

2. Facebook Market place

You might have seen some videos you have been following with a snippet saying products included and have you noticed you can sell your products via Facebook. And facebook has its own dedicated market place for your sales.

You are given with options to list items and make great deal within facebook without moving out of the platform. Sending out boosted content regarding your product is a common practice seen in Nepal. However, you can also create your store on Facebook.

Facebook Ads are curated to meet the needs of eCommerce. Learn More about different Facebook Ads in Nepal

3. Google retail ads

Similar to facebook marketplace google retail ads is buy on google option given by Google. It gives you access to rank your product directly and allows customers to buy it directly. Due to its easy & own secure method of payment, it helps to build confidence and trust for customers. You will get an option to show the right products to right shoppers at right time.

You will have access to showcase in platforms like google, google image and youtube and with its analytics integration you have good access to fix what is not working and flourish what is working.

4.Content first

If you have your own e-commerce website and still wondering why its not getting organic search although it has awesome products for the customer, then it’s not just about the products you have and its description. You need to outrank your competitors by constantly publishing and promoting relevant content on the products that you offer as it helps Google to understand the intent of the product and relate with the search of users.

If you are willing to push specific sets of equipment or products then be sure to reorganize them in a place following a niche like “wedding season” or similar for people to get what they actually want.

5.Post buy experience

For a great product, you need to build up a fan base to let it spray its aroma around the community. Your customer may forget the product they bought from you but how you made them feel is something they will remember and connect with.

Post buy experience is concerned more with the customer retention campaigns. It is a good idea to include unboxing experience and customer support. You should be able to personalize the buying experience as a part of branding and

The better the post-buying experience they tend to be your long term consumers. Along with this you can use welcome back and other features for returning customer and take review from them to get engaged with your business.

6. Contextual marketing Scenarios study

Now with the growth of AI and Deep learning Amazon and other sites have implemented the recommendation system. But this is not the end of contextual marketing. It is more about delivering the right content at the right moment. You need to use the available user information for targeted ads based on their recent visits and search. Contextual Marketing also includes the increase in offers or creating appealing products studying the scenario that buyers are involved in.

7. User generated content and reviews

User Reviews and Feedbacks are a major determinant to know how well your customers are satisfied and what they are looking forward to buying from you. It is also a cost-effective way to get content and also protects from negative responses from other sources.

You can leverage user-generated contents to let people know your brand presence. This can be the best way to get into other dimensions where you can look forward to future development and improvement. Since its more about relation and interaction of people with your business, user-generated contents should be given a priority in your marketing plan.

8. Understanding the native needs

This point is to be thoroughly analysed if you are looking forward for international sales. For people interacting in their own native language you should be able to deal with them in the way they understand. And there are also examples for sites having different set of materials and geo location based website experiences to let customer feel that its their own thing.

Moving forward form language and design, Currency and payment method that is considered in that locality is to be considered. Integrating google play for Chinese website may not seem relevant. In a conclusion driving customer with strong feeling of being valued can be done by strongly being able to communicate in their native language and experience.

9. Unique delivery options

Unique delivery options is more about flexibility, price and time of delivery of product. Realising your profit margin and accessibility you should be able to help customer for more flexible, cheap and fastest method of delivery.

You can make it unique in terms of satisfaction. There are often people having hard on money and could wait for week/s to get delivered so thinking all kind of customers there should be various tailored plan per customer need.

10. Local brands

It may be a general consensus that people would be pleased to flaunt their lifestyle with global brands then why should local brands be considered. But local brands have their own advantage from transportation and price point of view.

The emotional connection of being with a brand people lived their life with gives confidence to customer. You can locally organize the operation of local brands and push it along with cultural identity and strong community ties to make people love your business.

11. Unique campaigns for specific brands and launching

There are often various brands like Apple who have their schedule for products launch and people have to wait and follow them. Thus understanding the feeling of people you can organige dedicated campaings for these brands and launch it.

The user experience of getting it first should be considered so as to build the trust and connection with your business. And the unboxing and buying experience should be well noticeable to let people to spread your brand along with the bigger names.

12. Website experience

Website experience is always a concern in even Search Engine Optimization but it’s also a part of customer retention cause people often want the easiest and fastest buying experience. You should be able to make people to find your website easily and get directly into what they want.

Pushing just the limit to make people concentrate on product and buying it always may not be liable. You should be able to arrange comparision with other products and recommend possible products that collides the niche with what people are looking.

13. Own media

This often relates to creating own media like review sites,comparision sites where users can interact and post about products. This gives a platform aside of your ecommerce site for users to interact and can be used to convert users to your website.

You can know about newer statistics and trending topics users are concern on. Then you can use ad campaign or organic campaign to make visibility for that topics to create valuable conversions.

14. PPC

Often there are many keywords you are having troubles to dominate and for instant trending topics where you have product you expect to be bought. Even if you have products already ranked in google but having dividend click through rate then ppc comes in handy.

Alongside google there are bing, adroll, steel house, facebook ads that gives you to showcase your products through shopping ads, text ads, display ads, remarketing ads,video ads and social media ads giving you maximum flexibility for your ad campaign to let use suitable marketing campaign that copes with your product.

15. Review and niche related person

This is a niche optimized influencer marketing as you may get hard times to get highly followed influencer. Rather you can use vlogger, bloggers of your niche. Free give away of your product for unboxing channels and many more ways to use these people to drive traffic to your website and create easy brand awareness.

If you are wondering how to run a successfull campaign then you need to find potential influencers for your product and pitch them to collaborate to create highly unique marketing content through them for creation of unique experiences through this campaign.

16. Monthly trends research

Peoples often move with the wave of trends the crowd follows. But what’s more fascinating? To be the pioneer of trends. Getting up to date with what is working around the locality or globe lets your customer feel that your business as a hub for trending products.

If taken along the organized brand awareness campaign, trends implementation is often a successful method for getting yourself moving ahead of curve than your competitors. You should be able to take along e-commerce trends like keeping your website updated with payment methods, shipping methods, recommendation, AR and VR, voice search compatibility etc. This helps you to get customers with the enhanced user experience.

17. Organized database

Organized database is most for your business where you should be able to track all your products form a single server and be able to communicate with every platform you use for sell. This helps you to optimize and use specific platform best for your products.

18. Use of groups

In recent days people getting more and more into forums for review, social media and groups for products that is bought for a long term looks for recommendation and suggestion from people. And highly engaging groups come in handy for your product like running campaings through groups asking suggestion pushing for newer products testing. This helps you to find best peoples to buy your products in long term.

You can create own group for your business letting people to give overall suggestion on how your business is going and get newer suggestion for products to showcase and newer trends and method to imply to drive more and more traffic for your ecommerce.

19. Count down for ceremonies and games

Its obvious that people search for Christmas costume around Christmas and have higher demand of country football jerseys during fifa world cup time. Then there lies possibilities to realte your product with the feeling of nationality and cultural orientation leading to sales. People love special offers and personalized products for their celebration.

And you can use awareness about your ceremonies related products in countdown order and start the campaigns from a week or even a month before and should be able to deliver best products and create more sales through loyalty building and memorable experience.

20. Competitor based pricing

If you are selling products as a middle man that buys from the factory and distribute it to customers then pricing makes a whole lot of difference. If you are not only one selling the product then people often change their mind in terms of pricing of product. So doing of competitor research for your niche is most. You should be able to convince your client that you provide quality products in the best price.

It also comes handy in trendy products which are having maximum sales and to slow selling products like television and other large scale products. And if you are having problem with high pricing then it’s a good idea to have unique selling proposition like adding additional prize, coupons or even extended guarantee helps.

21. Use of Google rich snippet

Every business seeks to rank for the number 1 spot in google search for the keywords related to their business. But You can play for the 0th rank through google rich snippet. This method allows people to view your products and reviews of your products directly in the google search. If worked thoroughly by setting proper structure during your website development you already be able to do half of your seo done through implementation of rich snippet.

You can showcase your product, Rating and reviews of your product, pricing of your product, Availability directly in google search. In addition you can give sneak peek view of your product on google in PPC campaign too.


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