Adopt Social Media Marketing For Your Brand

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Social Media Marketing in Nepal is the new trend for generating brand awareness and creating sales for your product and services. Brand should adopt social media as part of their marketing and brand creation. It provides an access to a huge platform with a high potential. Create posts that stand out to be ahead of the race.

Why adopt social media marketing for your brand?

1. Increase Web Traffic and Assist SEO:

Your website is the identity of your brand in the digital world. It is through these websites that you are available to the customers that are now using the internet to learn, communicate and purchase a product or service. However, there are billions of website on the internet and only a small portion of it is active with constant engagement from users. Social Media helps to channel the attention of people from networking sites to your website.
The people you are speaking to & providing value to via the social media platforms are interested in the niche you work on. You can ask them to visit your website & be your potential customers. But, only if you can uphold the standard you have preached.

2. Reach New Customers Unaware of Your Brand:

  • Want to get a new phone?
  • Can’t decide which one to get?
  • What do you do?

You simply opt for the internet and research about the phone specifications, its pros & cons and decide to go for a phone that meets your need inside your budget.
This indicates the change in the way we buy things. You no longer have to be window shopping for things you like nor go from shop to shop trying to learn about all the options & thus a suitable one for you.
Social Media can be used to connect with these people who are now making better choices with the help of internet. The number of people that are integrating social media into their daily activity is increasing every day. This is an opportunity for your brand to reach a large number of people with minimal effort, all within the confines of a digital device & a plan to conquer the digital world.

3. Build Your Presence to Increase Brand Loyalty:

Brand Loyalty is when what you offer is what people are seeking for & they can’t stop coming for more. It is hard to get the attention of the customers, moreover for them to stick with you when there are endless options for them to choose from. However, this is doable because at the end full of options we trust some brands more than others. Build this trust, shape up your brand image to increase the loyalty of your customers to ensure a constant flow.
How to do it? Know that people would rather tap their screen than flip their shoes so leverage this tendency by targeting at the right places where their attention is.

4. Track Your Progress with Real-Time Metrics

The wonderful aspect of social media is you get the results instantly. You know what is working and what is not right after you have posted it. You can keep track of the engagement and preference of the audience by different metrics.

The like, comment & shares are the outcome of the direct interaction of the audience. The reach and impressions calculate how scalable was your effort.

There are a lot of examples where a page has a couple thousand of likes/followers but each post do not get more than 10 likes. In such cases, you need to understand that what you are preaching is not reaching the audience or maybe they are not enjoying what you are offering. This requires you to change your marketing strategy and opt for better options.

Remember us if you would like the holistic growth of your business through digital marketing.

5. Know Your Audience Better With Proper Insights:

Any business or brand is and should be always focused around the people it serves. Social Media platform allows business to learn about the behavior of the audience. This, in turn, helps to optimize the strategy and actions to incorporate the audience behavior & satisfy your customers.

People engage on contents which intrigue them or resonate with them. If you adopt social media marketing for your brand you learn firsthand about these experiences.

Let’s say you are a shoe center. Social media marketing for you will be focused on what kind of shoes are in need and demand. You keep track of the interactions people show on different categories of the shoes. Men prefer boots as the fall changes to winter.

Know the timing

It is important to know the timing if you want to increase your reach and audience. The engagement is high when a lot of people are online and scrolling through their feeds. We need to recognize when the audience is engaging and target our content to be distributed at that time.

The best time to post in Nepal:

  • 11.00 am to 12.00 pm
  • 2:00-3:00 PM
  • 07:00-09:00 PM

What makes these timing suitable? Many people are online at these times so as they refresh their newsfeed your “newly posted” content will appear in the newsfeed. As people interact, it starts to appear on the newsfeed of other people and the momentum is carried to a later time when more people appear online.

Conclusion: Social Media Marketing

A business doing digital marketing in Nepal should adopt social media marketing. Simply, because “it is fishing in the right pool”. You are guaranteed there will be a gathering, you just have to be good enough to attract the attention.
Social Media is a major part of the digital platform. Business should integrate branding into their social media profiles and posts to increase the reach and ROI.

What to do in social media for branding?

  1. Recognize the social image you want to establish with proper brand values to promote.
  2. Choose appropriate platforms to promote your brand. Make use of as many as possible but it is not necessary to be equally active everywhere.
  3. Create a Theme for Your Posts and follow it. Minimalistic Design for posts is an approach that works. Other formats could be popping colors, black and white.
  4. Create a community of people who are interested in your brand and engage with them on regular basis. It can be through Facebook Groups, ChatGroups, forum, etc.
  5. Be consistent with your topics and content to maintain a proper image.

It is time for brands to adopt social media marketing as part of their marketing campaign. Learn how you can benefit from our social media marketing services.

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