Basics of Search Marketing

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Search marketing is a broad term that incorporates all practices of promoting through the search engines. The two terms Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are interrelated and work wonder to rank you in the first page of the Search Engine result page.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on the organic way of generating traffic to your website and displaying the website as soon as a related term is searched. This ranking happens due to relevant content that is structured in the way machine algorithms would understand.

Why SEO?

  • Organic method; free of cost
  • Structure and format is replicable if recognized
  •  Because IT Ranks

Search Engine Marketing is the paid boost you can have to increase the visibility of your brand in the search engine whenever someone makes a related search. This is done through the Ad platform provided by Google that allows choosing a keyword, Ad-type and the location for your targets to be displayed

Why SEM?

  • Provides high reach in short time
  • Increases brand awareness  to stay ahead of the competition
  • Because IT Converts (Sales, views, Impressions)

The integration of  SEM and SEO constitutes search marketing; getting the attention of the consumers as they search for information, products, guidelines, etc. Therefore, SEM+SEO ensures both traffic and conversion. Above all, it is the time that companies invest in search engine optimization for the long run and search engine marketing at the campaign level.

TWO BASICS OF Search Marketing

Search Marketing incorporates a wide practice but the system works around two basic ideas.

1. Keyword:

The search engine is designed to give you exactly what you need and remove unnecessary and unwanted content. Keywords in search marketing are what people search for when they want anything. 

Keywords are the general noun (shoes, sneakers, watches) or noun with adjectives(high-quality watches, recently design shoes) or verb phrases (buy shoes online, get followers)

It is necessary to know which keywords to use for your brand before simply integrating them into search marketing practices.

Let’s say you are an online shop selling shoes. You need to think what a customer will search for when he wants to buy a shoe. This means you may want to include all available categories of shoes, terms like buy shoes online, a shoe shop in Kathmandu, high-quality online shoes.

It is necessary to integrate these terms (not all of them at once) across your advertisement and websites if you want to be within reach of the people seeking to buy shoes.

High Intent Keywords:

High Intent Keywords are the detailed keyword that would be directly concerned with your brand.

Someone looking to buy a product would most likely include “buy” before their search query. The “buy” indicates the clear intention that the consumer wants to not just see the pictures but actually buy your product.

Similarly, if someone is looking to enhance their online presence and increase revenue through Internet marketing a high intent keyword to use will be: “hire a digital marketing agency in Nepal

People always want the best or the cheapest. Because of this, it is a good idea to incorporate terms such as best, top, fastest, cheapest and other superlatives to increase the intent of your keyword.

Other terms to include can be free, discount, limited offer, etc.

High Intent Keywords are a must to incorporate in Headlines, AdCopies, Page Descriptions for the maximum conversion through search marketing.

2. Bidding

Bidding in search marketing refers to the provision interrelated brands can compete for getting their Ads displayed in relevant keywords.

Google has an auction, that allows each advertiser to submit an offer of how much they are willing to pay for the ads.  Bidding is done with commercial intent for highly competitive keywords.

It is good to have high bidding for the keywords. The maximum bid plays a factor in determining your chance of winning an auction. However, it is not enough.

There comes the quality score of your Ads. A quality score is a number from 1-10 that determines how useful or relevant your Ad and the landing page is. (Landing page is the page that the customers are directed to after they click through the Ads).

An ad with a 10 quality score has 

  • highly integrated keywords
  • relevance to the user
  • good landing page
  • high quality graphics (if used)
  • targeted and compelling ad copies

This determines the click-through rate (CTR) for your ads. The measure of how many of people that saw the ads clicked and were led to the landing page. CTR, in turn, helps to improve the quality score of your ads.

Consequently, to win the auction for an ad and get it displayed on top of the search pages we need to take in consideration both cost per click bid and quality score.

Some tips for best SEM Ads.

First of all, start with a campaign plan for your ads, the overall direction of where your brand is moving forwards. Consequently, divide them into ad-groups categorized by their nature. Finally, find relevant keyword and make the text ads.

The obvious strategies that should be integrated to the overall search marketing are:

  • Geo-Targeting: Find the area or location you want to cater or your customers are based on. This increases the efficiency of your ad by only targeting people that are within reach to your brand.
  • Proper budgeting: Different budget schemes have different reach and conversions. Find the one suitable for you.
  • Negative Keywords: You can also include keywords that you don’t want to display your ads to.
  • Split Testing: Run different scenarios of the same advertisement with different keywords, separate headline, self-built audience and so on. learn and adapt.

It is to be noted that a bid management strategy would not work with irrelevant keywords and poor account structure. However good bidding techniques can provide an edge even in market saturation. Making the best SEM advertisements that works require to focus on both keyword and bidding strategy.

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