Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Become a part of the Online Teaching Community, the modern way to reach thousands of students online. 

Why teach in Digital Gurkha?

Learning is Changing

Online Learning is the future, Be a part of Digital Teaching.

Grow Your Student Community

Reach to thousands of Students Online.

Generate Income

Get Rewarded by our Pre payment Plan or make passive income.

What can you teach?

Technical Courses

Teach courses from Technology, Marketing & Management which will help students grow in their Career.

Exam Preparation

Teach IELTS, PTE, Engineering preparation, Medical Preparations, or any Exam Preparation Courses.

Creative Courses

Teach Music, Acting, Photography, and help unearth the potential of Creative Individuals.

How do I start?



Build Your Curriculum

Choose your Topic, and make a curriculum and presentation

We provide you with data regarding demand for your course, how to build good curriculums, presentations and more. 


Record Your Course

You can either record your course at the convenience at your home or Visit Digital Gurkha Studio and record the course

We provide you with details regarding equipment, lighting, and recording softwares if you are recording at home. If you visit Digital Gurkha, we will help you record the complete course.



Publish the course

Our Team will help you make the course better, sellable, and help advertise the course to reach your target audience.

We will help you with Editing the Videos, Marketing and Sales. We will be in constant support and communication with you.

avish acharya

Avish Acharya Story

I’m glad to have launched two courses at Digital Gurkha, the experience of being able to share my experiences to the entire nation through video courses has been very fulfilling. I’ve been also able to reach out to many young minds through webinars and other platforms. Needless to mention, earning passive income has been a great help. I can’t wait to launch more courses at Digital Gurkha

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Three days of recording gets you lifetime of Passive income

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