6 reasons why direct mail is effective

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With digital marketing gaining popularity and overshadowing conventional, physical marketing methods, proponents of these digital alternatives pointed to a range of reported benefits. Digital marketing has quickly asserted itself as the sleek, shiny way to get more marketing bang for your buck, from enhanced analytics to better ROI potential.

However, in 2020, those statements are failing to stand up to real-world practice. Although digital marketing remains important and central to many strategies for business marketing, some conventional media has proved to be more reliable and resilient than their detractors would have expected.

Direct mail may be a basic, decades-old marketing technique, but recent research has shown that this offline marketing medium has plenty to offer businesses — especially local businesses trying to grow their customer base. Here’s a look at five reasons why direct mail is still flourishing in a digital-first generation.

Higher Response Rate

In any marketing campaign, one of the most significant success indicators is engagement or response time. In recent months, engagement rates for direct mail have gradually increased, reinvigorating interest in using this platform to generate business interest.

According to Spectre Marketing, one of the leading direct-mail marketing companies in the USA, the response rate for direct-mail campaigns grew to 9% between 2017 and 2018. This shows that direct mail does not only keep customers alive but enhances their efficiency.

Less Competition Than Before

The decline in the total number of mail delivered to prospects could be one of the main reasons for the success of direct mails. As businesses are opting to spread their content and message on different social media platforms, direct mail seems like a goal post without the keeper in 2020. 

If the advertisement rate in direct mail decreases, direct mail is the diluted option when it comes to attracting your target audience. If your company does plan to persist in direct mail campaigns, the additional mail from your competitors is a good thing for your business. 

Easy to Integrate with Digital Campaigns and Analytics

Direct mail may be mostly off-line, but modern marketing techniques often combine direct mail with digital and online marketing campaigns. This can contribute to an even higher value for direct mail marketing and insights that can boost your online and offline marketing results.

As Neil Patel points out, direct mail can be used to send consumers online in a way that makes them viable, using uniquely handset telephone numbers, dedicated website landing pages, QR codes, online promotions, and other policies. 

When a digital initiative is taken, direct mail customers become digital clients, then you can continue to use digital tactics that can boost your overall marketing efficiency and develop your consumer base more quickly.

Quality Print is Available for any Business

With high accessibility to quality press service, producing eye-catching, professional direct mail content make is easier than never before.

Canon’s PRESS C165 allows high-end color production and color testing at an affordable price. The C165 is ideal to manage short runs and generate direct mail parts with excellent color precision, for small marketing teams.

Find the Canon C810/910 series for teams that deliver a significant amount of direct mail. Such tools are suitable for businesses that wish to create color-precise documents with a small footprint. If you want to take your direct mail products to another level, full options are available.

If you are looking to go big with your direct mail campaigns, look no further than Xerox Iridesse Production Press. This system provides high-resolution, high-impact printed items that can include unique finishing choices, such as a metal overlay of gold or silver to ensure the recycling bin is not thrown into direct mail without close attention.

Personalization for Connecting More Effectively

Direct mail can use personalization as a tactic to increase the target customer interaction and response levels. Although customization is already commonly used for enhanced e-mail markets, show ads, and others, the company can personalize mail content directly by printing materials with the name of each target.

You should also consider personalizing the copy, call to action, and/or your sales representative, based on the data you collected on your consumer.

Direct Mail Gets Full Attention

Any mail or piece of content your prospect sees in social media can easily be dismissed or bulk deleted without even checking out the content inside. But let’s look at direct mail as an example, when someone receives a piece of content directly in their hands, they won’t just throw it away without at least looking what it has to say or who sent it.

Finally speaking on marketing overall, only a few companies put all their eggs in a single basket. Direct mail may be part of a broader multi-channel approach that includes online and offline channels and uses the latest strategies and business solutions for improving ROI and helping your company achieve its growth objectives.

By Shrijan Dangol, a contributing writer

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