Creating a Bomb Digital Marketing Strategy


The growth of your business is heavily dependent on reaching out to the customers who need/want your product or service.

Digital Marketing is a marketing channel which lets you reach out to the right people with the right message. It provides an atmosphere where you can target a specific age, gender, location, and interests.

Also, the magic of Digital Marketing is in analytics and optimization tools where you can track what’s working and what’s not on a very low budget. Then, you can discard the ones that aren’t working well and invest heavily on the adverts that are doing amazing.

Today, I’m going to take you through the process of how Digital Gurkha creates bomb digital marketing strategy for our clients. The 5 step process which incorporate design thinking will help you create a great digital strategy for your own brand and increase sales in the long term.

1. Understanding the brand

The first and foremost thing you need to do is understand the brand. Without understanding the ins and outs of a brand, directly jumping into Ad Campaigns will only hurt the brand.

Every organization is different like you and I are. A brand has its own personality, its attitude, and tone of voice. For Example, Apple’s tagline is “think different”. In all their campaigns, digital Or traditional, they portray their brand around their motto. This makes sure that the voice of the brand remains the same despite the different campaigns that you may run.

Also, an organization has its mission, vision and its own core values(If not, you need to define them). The current goal for one organization might be generating sales, and another one might be building a brand. So, it’s mandatory to define what the goals are. It is always better if you break that down into 3 Months, 6 months and yearly goals.

Also, determining KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to know if the goals are being met would help you keep track of your success or failure in the campaigns.

The voice of the brand will be completely dependent on the kind of Audience you are catering to. You might want to be humorous if you are a clothing brand and a professional tone if you have a clinic or a Legal Firm. Now, the next important step would be to understand your audiences.

2. Understanding Audiences

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is to talk about their products more than the pain point of their audiences. No one gives a **** about your products. So, just showcasing your products in Digital Marketing will not give you any results at all.

Let’s take some examples of brand leaders in the world. Nike portrays athleticism in their campaigns and how Nike helps make better athletes. They rarely talk about their shoes or shirts. Coca Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world associates different emotions in their campaigns such as happiness, friendship, family and more.

When you are looking to create a Digital Marketing strategy, it is best if you understand who your audiences are. What are their pain points? Why might they be looking to buy your products? For Digital Gurkha, our audiences are organizations which are looking to create a brand and generate sales. So, your Digital Strategy includes value generating content which contains more than 30 Blogs, regular Infographics, Podcasts, and Gurkha Gyan which will help our potential customers understand more about Digital Marketing and how they can use Digital Marketing to fulfill their goals.

There is an 80/20 strategy that you can implement when you are making a Content Strategy for your brand. 80% of the content should talk about the audience, the problems that they face and the solutions to those problems. For example: To build a Saving account campaign for a Bank, you need to talk more about how regular savings and investments can have long term impact on the customer’s retirement plan and not just create a fancy tagline for saving account and push the product, as your audience won’t actually care.

Also, one of the strongest ammunition Digital Marketing provides would be in building a Targeted Audience. Your organization might have various products where you might be selling shoes, bags, or t-shirts. So you will need to create different audiences for all of your products.

3. Choosing channels

If you are posting TVC ads for Gym equipment on Aastha channel, it will never work. It’s the same with Digital Marketing.

There are different channels in Digital Marketing. Naming a few well-known ones, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google Search Engine are some. Each of them has a different kind of Audiences and the type of content they consume.

Since you have already categorized your audiences, now you need to choose the channels where the attention of the audience is. If you are targeting a young audience base, choosing Instagram as your major platform would be perfect. If you have a more professional tone and cater to an older audience(Most B2B Organizations), LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Search Engine would be great channels to market on.

Also, the content should vary from channel to channel. Let us suppose you want to make great video content for your digital advertisements. You need to first determine if the audience you cater to is on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube?

You will need a longer form of content which works well on youtube whereas Social Media is perfect for short video content.

Since the resources that you need if you are going on different channels will be very huge, you need to recognize the channels that might get you the highest Returns.

Focus on those channels initially and create content catered to those channels. But, in the long run, it’s utmost important to be present on every channel that your audience may interact with.

4. Creating a strategic funnel

Talking about a funnel, let’s talk about dating. If you are looking forward to date someone, going directly out with a ring would give you an embarrassing moment and a designation of a “creep”. If I wanted to date someone, I would start uploading a lot of content ( Stories and Posts) which showcase what I am.

Then, it would be some Hi’s and Hello’s and small talks on Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp depending on the channel she prefers ( Cater to your Audience). Then, I would ask her out on a date and after some dates, I might purpose.

The process is the same in Digital Marketing. If you directly go into sales, then your audience might not interact with your products at all. WHY should they? Why should a potential customer buy from your brand when they have tons of choices at my fingertips.

What should you do then?

First, you need to brand your product on different digital channels where you talk about the problems your potential customers face, about “why you do what you do” and how the problems that they have can be solved.

Then, you engage with your users with creative campaigns. Also, do reply to inquiries or questions your audience base have without looking at the financial gain. Only now, you should go into sales where you subtly tell your audience that your products can solve the problems that they have.

5. Data Optimization and Tracking

Where does Digital Marketing beat its traditional counterpart?

The answer is DATA.

For Example, if you are about to run an Ad in a newspaper or television, what would you do first?

You would create a great design or a video which you would show to a small circle inside your organization. Then, the advertisement would go in a Newspaper or Television. But, along with that, you would be spending Lakhs in the advertisement. You love your advertisement. But what about the audience? Before spending the huge amount on the ads, are you sure your potential customers would interact with the adverts?

But in Digital Marketing, you get to understand if your clients would love the campaign that you have created for your huge breakthrough. You get to test different concepts in small budgets and understand what your customers actually love.

Let us suppose you create 5 different Designs for the same campaign with small tweaks. Now, what you can do is run the ads for Rs. 2000 each to the targeted Audiences. Then, you will be able to understand which among the five ads are doing the best.

Also, the insights that you garner from the engagement will give us the age bracket, gender, and locations where your ad is being interacted more. So, now you have a tried and tested advert that you can push for as much budget as possible and assure that it will do amazingly well.

Digital Marketing has hundreds of amazing tools such as Google Analytics, Pixel, Tag Manager, Google Adwords and more which give you insights on your Ad campaigns and help you optimize the targeting to get the best results. Also, in the long run, you will be able to know exactly what ads work for a product and can have an up and ready weapon you might want to use when you need sales.


Concluding the blog, Digital Marketing is not only boosting on Facebook or ranking for some basic keywords. It’s a very strategic process when done right has one of the best ROI’s among any marketing channel. Going into 2020, your audience is going to be on Digital and if you are still hesitating to invest in building your digital presence, your competitors might find just the right place to dominate the Industry.

Gurkha Out!!

Ullekh Niraula

CEO, Digital Gurkha

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