Creativity: Inborn or Acquired?

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Throughout my school, I wistfully looked up to my classmates who could draw. You’re so creative! I told them, gaping at the beautiful images they could create in blank pages, imagination oozing from their brains.

No matter how much I forced myself, I couldn’t get myself to bring imaginary objects, places, or people to life on paper. Thus, I decided, I wasn’t creative enough. Maybe I wasn’t born with it.

Years later, I got an opportunity to learn a form of art called Zen tangle. Zen tangle is all about patterns; circles, squares, triangles, lines, curves, and their repetition. I was intrigued at its simultaneous simplicity and complexity, at how simple patterns were grouped to form complex images. As I let the patterns guide my imagination and present itself in the paper, I realized, I too could draw! I had creativity in me!

Stumbling upon Zen tangle made me realize that creativity exists in abundance for everyone. It offers innumerable channels for different individuals to resonate within their own ways. Yes, a few could be sprinkled with creativity in certain aspects at birth, but thankfully, it is not limited to whether you are born with it.

A lot of creativity is induced by our surroundings. What music do we connect to? In which books, music, and art do we see ourselves? Which conversations do we find most fascinating? Creativity is engraved all around us, and every individual is equipped to seek inspiration in ways that they can most closely connect with.

In addition, self-awareness and expression of self-pave countless avenues for creative outlets. When one is aware of their motivation, interests, and thoughts, they are enabled to direct that energy through various channels like art, music, writing, numbers, or other forms. Such an expression of self-fosters creativity in oneself and allows for deeper self-awareness. However, creativity in itself is not sufficient. It should be complemented with hard work, dedication, and perseverance

Be it in individuals or organizations, creativity is embedded in all levels. For organizations, it is important to remain clear of their mission and goals and communicate it in a way that a large audience can resonate with. Such communication requires utmost creativity to understand the audience and deliver according to their needs. Either way, creativity can always be worked on, enhanced, and gradually built up!

To follow more on the topic, please refer to the podcast on “Being Creative: Discover Your Inner Artist” by our band of Gurkhas on the Digital Gurkha youtube channel!

Thank You.

Written By: Sharmila Dhungana

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