Online Marketing in Nepal

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The World is at our fingertips and Online Marketing in Nepal is the marketing that works for this age of the Internet.

Online Marketing in Nepal : Digital Gurkha

Online Marketing simply means to promote your brand or product through the use of the Internet. It is also called Internet Marketing for that reason. People also use online marketing interchangeably with digital marketing, however, there are minor differences between them.

Actually, online marketing is the subset of digital marketing, where the content is promoted real time over the internet. However, digital marketing techniques incorporate marketing through all available digital devices online or offline. So, digital marketing may also incorporate offline podcasts, video broadcasts, digital billboards, text-messaging etc.

What constitutes Online Marketing?

1. Online Presence (Website) : 

A Website is the physical identity of the brand over the internet. Your website speaks about your mission, vision, services, team, and activities. People now surf the internet to not just entertain but to learn so having a website for your business helps to address this behavior.

However, there are billions of the websites on the internet and how does a user stumble upon your website? There comes online marketing. With the help of search engine optimization, you can make the search engine your friend and have you enlisted on the top of the search result pages.

Being ranked on the top of the search result page allows a user to reach you instantly. Moreover, the high ranking adds credibility to your website as people know you are doing the right things Google demand.

2. Social Media Presence: 

The Internet has revolutionized the concept of society. A society of people is not limited to hundred of households but to billions of people who are connected over the same world wide web.

There are different social media platforms with more than half of the world population spending their time interacting with each other and consuming the content made by others. Social Media is where the audience attention is fixated and, Online marketing ensures that you reach these people with your content.

Online Marketing for social media is concerned to create a brand identity through constant interaction with the audience, via consistent content.

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3. Online Advertisements: Social Media Ads, Display Ads & Youtube Ads

Marketing is generally associated with advertising and online marketing also incorporates paid advertisements where you pay the search engine and other platforms to display your ad over your competitors.

The AD shown in the top of the Google Search Pages, at the sidebar in Youtube is the example of Online Advertisement.

The power of the internet allows you to place your ads extensively all over the internet, in search engine result pages, associated websites, millions of mobile applications, and during video content (Youtube Ads)

The extensive reach, when combined with interest and behavior based targeting of an audience, forms a strong base to brand your business and get new customers. Allocate a budget for advertisements as they have a high return on investment. 

Constituent of Online Marketing in Nepal : Digital Gurkha

Scope Of Online Marketing in Nepal:

According to NT, more than 63% of Nepal is connected to the internet and the number is increasing day by day.

Online marketing in Nepal has a high prospect as it is in a developing phase, while not enough competitors are leveraging the platform.

The scope of online marketing in Nepal can be understood as:

1. Audience Size:

It is evident that the online platform has more people than any other platforms in Nepal. The digital devices are now part of our day to day life.

Online Marketing allows tapping into this interconnected network of the audience. What’s more interesting? You can categorize the audience according to gender, age, location, interests, and behaviors.

This means you can target just the right audience for you. You could promote your content to people interested in Football or people that have interacted with food-related posts; just what you need.

2. One-Touch Access: 

Online Marketing has an edge over traditional marketing practices in the sense that you are literally one touch away from promoting your content to the audience.

If you were to place your advertisement on a banner or a newspaper, you would not know how many people interacted with your ads, nor would you know how they reacted to it.

Different platforms allow us to place our text, images, videos and any form of content live on the internet. The audience then interacts with the content on real-time which can teach us about the consumer behavior pattern. You can know what kind of content intrigues your audience and which bores them.

This instant access helps you to optimize your marketing efforts and make the most out of the bucks.

3. Diversity in Channels : 

If you are interested in online marketing in Nepal, you could use various platforms to promote your brand.

You could use your website to get ranked in the search engine and be found by your audience as they are searching. Or, you can leverage the highly interactive social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are the most common social platforms that business use in the course of online marketing. These platforms allow you to regularly communicate with a community of people interested in your business.

Once you have conquered the fundamental social platforms, you could dive into more specialized platforms.

Twitter is still the best place to share links and updates. Use Pinterest to share infographics and high-value image content. Medium is the best platforms for bloggers to attract like-minded people. Sites like Reddit, Tumblr also allows you to share your content to a different community.

But first, prioritize videos.

Video content has high engagement and traction compared to text and images. Youtube has exploded in terms of growth as it has been a social media platform as well as a search engine. It is time for companies to triple down their video marketing efforts.

4. Career Opportunities: 

Another aspect of Online Marketing is that it creates a huge number of opportunities for aspirants looking to leverage the digital age.

Are you a creative person who likes telling stories and making things poetic? You could try copywriting or content writing. You would have to write catchy taglines, intriguing captions(called copywriting in online marketing), or sit down to write a descriptive long form of articles for blogs.

Or do you see the world in picture and motions? Then probably you could try Graphics Designing. Make graphics that intrigue people and speak to their persona. If you are patient enough, you can try Video Editing. Videos are always on the rise and learning video editing skills will go a long way.

Maybe you are more into the technical aspects, then you could try working as an SEO specialist. You will be responsible to improve the ranking of a website in the search engine. This requires you to optimize the structure and content of the website to fit into the needs of the algorithm.

More to these are opportunities related to Company management, Project Management, Human Resources etc.

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Importance of Online Marketing :

  1. Address the user attention: Online Marketing helps to reach the audience right where they are fixating their attention. Most of us spend time surfing the internet or social media and online marketing is an attempt to connect to these audiences through contextual and relevant content.
  2. Stay Relevant between Competitors: Online Marketing in Nepal is an approach to consolidate the efforts to brand and promote a company. Many of your competitors have switched to online marketing for their brand and you should hop on the ride before its too overcrowded with competition
  3. Learn From Analytics: Marketing through online platforms is a data-centric process. Google, Facebook, Instagram and all of the major social media platforms now offer valuable insights by analyzing the data of how people interacted with your website, profile or individual content. You will know the demographics and interest of your audience, along with the type of content that works for them. This means a possibility of constant optimization in your marketing efforts to improve your efficiency
  4. Cost Effective: The major edge online marketing in Nepal has over the traditional method is the efficiency in terms of cost. You can target a more specific audience rather than a generalized one. This automatically means better cost per conversion of a potential client.

Conclusion: Future of Online Marketing in Nepal

As more of Nepal get connected to the Internet and mobile phones are being more common, the future of online marketing in Nepal is promising.

So, should you bet your money on online marketing? If you hear us out, the answer will definitely be yes. Online marketing has already displaced traditional marketing to a huge extent and it is here to stay for a long time.

Now, before its too late, leverage Online Marketing in Nepal for the growth hacking of your brand.

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