SEO in Nepal: What is Actually Done

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SEO in Nepal : What is Actually Done

SEO is simply the process of getting ranked better in the search engines. Higher rankings can be achieved by strategically planning your content and technically structuring it to make it relevant for the user and understandable for the algorithm.

Doing SEO in Nepal is comparatively easier due to low competition, you could rank well through personal efforts. However, for a sustainable process and strategic growth, you will need help from a SEO expert or an SEO agency in Nepal.

The SEO Process

  • Understanding the client:

The first step in SEO is focused around the client. We understand what are the client’s requirement, audit the current rankings and analyze how we can fill in to improve the current status.

You need to understand what image does your client want to portray and what services/products are to be focused.

Doing SEO in Nepal will be different from the global context as our requirements as well as the audience base is different.

  • Keywords and its SERP ranking:

Keywords are the metrics to measure how much a page or website is being ranked. The second step in SEO is to recognize all possible keywords relevant to the business and track the likability of the website(Domain Authority) and the pages(Page Authority) to be ranked.

The analysis is coupled with the viability to rank on the identified keywords.

Make sure you take in consideration both the local and global factor while doing SEO in Nepal.

  • Competitor analysis:

Once the keywords are recognized, the competition on these keywords is analyzed. We find other businesses that are being ranked on the same keyword, in that specific niche. Identify what they are doing, that is working and how you can integrate and improve your own efforts.  See how you are doing compared with them and what you are missing out on.

Doing SEO in Nepal is easier as not all competitors have integrated search marketing.

  • Website statistics research Alexa, ranking, and presence in the google search:

Find out and keep track of the statistics to your website.

Popularity: Find how you are ranked globally and locally

Engagement: Analyse the average time on site for an audience and the bounce rate.

Search Traffic: Identify the percentage of visitors that are coming from direct search, through social media or other referrals.

Unique Visitors: Recognize the number of unique visitors on your site on a regular basis.

Audience Geography: Locate the places that you are getting the highest engagement from

The website statistics are real-time metrics that tell us how effective our efforts are.

  • Check of canonical Tags, URL :

SEO is all about optimization, to create a structure that is easy for the AI and machines to understand. Thus, it is important to work on canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues. Originality is a determinant of how well your page and content can be ranked.

Canonical tags and URL are simply the alternative tags and URL that can be used to access the same content.

  • First report generation:

Once the fundamental steps of SEO process are done, a report is prepared. It incorporates the steps that have been taken, the changes that are seen along with past status and current rankings.

Different Aspects of SEO

SEO process is how the general workflow is conducted, but the actual work is done at the micro level in various aspects.

SEO in Nepal can be understood in different aspects. Some of them are:

Tech Seo:

  • A check of website speed and optimization:

Determine how fast your website is loading and if it is optimized. This is not only a factor for Google ranking but also determines the traction and engagement from your audience.

If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, the users get easily bored and are likely to switch to another website.

  • Check in-page speed insight:

Find out how optimized your pages are and how much time it takes to load them. Pages with extra CSS, HTML or JS elements take more time than                a single consolidated sitemap

  • Check of UI/UX in the sight and move for best one ( A/B testing If possible):

The aesthetics to the website is detrimental to hook the audience and keep them wanting to come for more. Give enough time to recognize the designs to promote user interface and user experience.
Try different themes and analyze which of them actually defines you and works best.

  • Landing page optimization:

A landing page is a static page that is the point of entry for any advertisements or links. Your landing page needs to be optimized to ensure that everything the audience is looking for is provided to them in the most interactive and effective way.

Make sure you provide the audience with what you offered in the ad that led them to your page.

  • Analytics integration:

Google and other online platforms provide their own analytics to better gauge at the user data and their behaviors. It is essential to integrate analytics into your website to learn from your audience and improve your efforts to give them a better experience.

  • Search Console integration, indexing, tracking errors and report:

Google Search console (formerly, Webmaster) is a tool provided by Google that helps to better manage and organize the content in your website. Webmaster allows you to make sure your website is being crawled and indexed on the internet. Moreover, it also shows you errors in the URL and website content, which can be tracked and optimized.

  • Image optimization:

Images add a different dimension to content than simple texts. It is necessary to optimize the images in a web-friendly format to improve loading speed, the ranking of the page and enhance the user experience

  • Mobile friendly and responsiveness test:

More than 50% of online traffic comes from a phone or tablet. It is necessary for SEO process to optimize your website with responsive web design. Make your website interactive and mobile friendly, otherwise, you will miss out on a huge portion of traffic.

  • Check of AMP possibilities and implementation:

AMP or accelerated Mobile Project is an effort from developers all around to create websites and advertisements that are remarkably fast, pleasing to surf and effective in performance across all devices and platforms.

  • Check of Fb article prospect and optimization:

Social Media has become the center of audience attraction. Tech SEO is also involved in recognizing how social media can be leveraged to aid the website ranking and optimization process.

On page:

On Page SEO is concerned with techniques that are used to improve the visibility of individual web pages in the Search Ranking by structuring both the HTML Code and Page Content.

Integrating content relevant to Nepal is also an efficient strategy for SEO in Nepal.

  • Meta title:

The title of your web page is the most important factor to get more traffic and engagement. A proper title acts as a hook for your audience. Make sure every page has a unique title and that it incorporates the keyword.

  • Meta description:

Meta Description is the fragment of your content that is actually shown in the search engine. Not everything can be displayed in the search engine so it is important for you to define a meta description that gives information about what a user is searching. If you do not define a meta description by yourself, the search engine displays the first few texts. This may not always be fruitful

  • Alt texts in image:

Alt texts in images are the descriptive information about an image. This is the text that is displayed over the image when the image cannot be loaded. Alt texts help the search engine, as well as the users, recognize what the image is about.

  • Internal linking prospect and implementation:

Internal Linking refers to linking between the pages in your website. Internal linking allows you to redirect from one content to another. This is important as it helps to build a network in your website which is easy to navigate for the crawlers. Moreover, you could get your audience to interact with more pages of your website by providing them with extra content.

  • Anchor Text optimization as per keywords and hyperlinked page:

Anchor Text is the text to which you link another page or website. It is a very important factor in SEO as it determines the target to which you are linking, making it easy for the machine and humans to navigate.

The anchor text maybe the exact words to which it is linked or may have partial information of the linked page. It can also be a plain link. However, make sure you optimize the anchor text as per keywords and hyperlinked page.

  • Sitemap check and submission

A sitemap is a detailed file that contains all the pages in your website. You need to submit your sitemap to Google so that it better understands your page and can index and crawl better.

You can submit your Sitemap through the Google Search Console. But make sure you have verified the access to the domain first.

  • Robot.txt check

Robot.txt is a part of the Robot Exclusion Protocol that provides instruction to the robots (that crawl your website) on which pages to crawl and to which it is restricted.

The robots.txt is placed at the top of your web directory and the crawlers visit it before they proceed to crawl your website.

  • Structured Text check and optimization:

The structure of your text determines how well a user and the Google can navigate through your content. So, what’s the structure? You need to clarify what your content is about. This obviously starts with a proper meta title. However, there is more to it.

The first paragraph should clarify your intent and the whole text should be partitioned to different paragraphs. Adding headings to the different sections of the text to provide more structure.

  • Structured Data

Structured Data simply refers to the organization of the data within a site. It is implemented in terms of SEO by adding a markup to your Site’s HTML. This can be done in different ways, as mentioned in

The structured data is what constitutes the snippet’s display and the display in LOCAL SEO.

Off Page Strategies

Off page SEO strategies are the techniques that you adopt outside of your site to improve the ranking of your website. Off-page, SEO is primarily focused on gaining high-quality links, but not just limited to it.

It is wise to link and put your content on different local websites for good success rate in SEO in Nepal.

  • Google My Business Creation:

If you are a business on the internet, it is essential for you to register your website in Google My Business. GMB allows you to quickly create and update the profile for your business on the Internet. This allows your business to be found better when people are searching for you or business likes yours. This is an important factor for the local SEO

  • Create properties here

Once you have set up a profile in GMB, you need to create more properties in other social media platforms.

Each of the social media platforms has a substantial audience base, which ensures you can reach to more people than you could with your website alone. Where to create?

Pinterest: There are over 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest. Pin images related to your business on Pinterest to address the users who just not window shop but actually buy.

Quora: Questions and Answers are an important aspect of the conversation. Answer questions related to your niche to create awareness of your service and answer the targetted question about activities of your brand.

Youtube: Video is in the rise. A video speaks more than words and image can ever do. Create engaging and creative videos and add to your properties on Youtube to tell your store and captivate the audience

Facebook: Facebook has been synonymous to the internet, especially in Nepal. So it is essential for you to create a profile and share content on daily basis to cater to the like-minded audience who are interested in your brand.

Linkedin: LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B interactions. Most of the professionals in your field are connected on LinkedIn. So, having your page in LinkedIn opens you up to client prospect and work opportunities.

Medium: Medium is the Facebook for bloggers. If you have blogs related to your niche then you need to share it on Medium. Make it descriptive and engaging so that the reading community is willing to pay attention.

Reddit: Reddit is the most effective and engaged social news portal. Be it headlines, traffic or new ideas, Reddit provides the best reach with maximum exposure.

All of these websites have their own set of optimizations that can help you improve your visibility and engagement.

In case of SEo in Nepal,

  • Regular works:

Apart from the creation of properties, you will need to put consistent effort to build your offline presence. You cannot just create and leave your digital properties and hope they will give you traction.

You will need to keep yourself immersed in the following activities:

Bookmarking :

Bookmarking in SEO is the technique through which we bookmark/share our content on different websites with high domain authority to increase visibility and reach. A quality content bookmarked on a good website acts as a very good backlink, boosting your ranks in the SERP.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to more interactive websites that allow communication between the user and the site. The new tier of websites provides abilities to share ideas, group content and network-wide.  These websites can be directly linked to social media and share content directly. Moreover, you can make a profile on these websites and link it back to your site.

Local Listing

Local listing is concerned with providing an online reference to your business and it’s detailed to different directories and website that are active at any geographical location. The details are generally the name, address, phone (NAP), opening hours. This information along with a link to your website helps Google determine the website authority of your brand. The link to the website is not always necessary.

Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to reach a new audience. Get People that have a substantial audience base to write for yEO in Nepal

 The easiest method to create content is to just “Document”. Keep track of the work you are doing and share it as suitable.

Files(Documents): These are the collection of important information regarding your business. It could be your portfolio, your online profile, content schedule or the listing of your services

Infographics Generation: Infographics are the images that are intended to provide more information than visually please the audience. The infographics have charts, diagram, differences, timelines, etc to portray the facts and figures.

Video Generation: Video is the future. And the future is here. Focus the resources of your brand to create videos that tell your story through interactive audio and visuals.

Presentation sites/Video Sites: Presentations can be used to inform, influence or persuade people. Use presentations to tell your messages and share it with different presentation sites.

      • Slideshark
      • Haiku Deck
      • Slide Share
      • Slide Dog
      • PowToon
      • Keynote
      • Media Shoutout
      • Kineticast
      • GoAnimate

Review sites: Use 3rd party reviews sites to your advantage. There are various sites that can be used to review your website/brand. It could be generalized for business or specific to your niche. Reviews not just help in SEO ranking but also provides credibility for your brand. Moreover, you could use the user reviews to interact with your audience. Even sharing reviews could be effective as a content.

Even if you are doing SEO in Nepal, you need to list it in international review sites.

  1. Amazon Customer Reviews
  2. Angie’s List
  3. Choice
  4. Trustpilot
  5. TestFreaks
  6. Which?
  7. ConsumerReports
  8. TripAdvisor
  9. Yelp
  10. Google My Business
  11. Yahoo! Local Listings
  12. FinancesOnline
  13. Influenster
  14. G2 Crowd
  15. TrustRadius
  16. Salesforce AppExchange
  17. Better Business Bureau
  18. Glassdoor
  19. Facebook Ratings and Reviews
  20. Twitter
  21. Foursquare
  22. Your Own Website

Review Blog Generation: You need to constantly assess if your blogs are being read or not. Moreover, you need to track if they are oriented towards your objective. Review and restructure your blog writing from time to time.

Local SEO( Check Traffic and understand business and its Local Need):

Local SEO is the geographic-based SEO where business and brands providing services and products are prioritized over the websites on an international scale. Moreover, now Google provides snippets regarding the search. Snippets make it easier for the user to find information. So adopt LOCAL SEO to leverage this easy access.

  • Google my business:

Google prioritizes websites that have been listed on Google Business. This acts like a mini website/profile for your brand which could be used to share important news, updates, offers, and promotions.

  • Analytics and webmaster research on local terms and optimization:

Analytics and Google Search Console provide information about the search terms your audience use.

Usually, we observe that people search for “SEO in Nepal” more than “Search Engine Optimization”. Similarly, in Nepal “digital marketing” has significant searches as compared to “digital branding”. Analyze the trends and optimize the keywords accordingly

  • Local Listings

One of the main aspects that foster LOCAL SEO is the listing for your business/website on local directories,  related blogs, local event, local job listing sites. Focus on educational sites, sites with Nepali domain name.

  • Schema Check and optimization:

A schema is the detailed organization of the content of your website and all related data. The schema should be optimized for proper portrayal in snippets and local searches.

  • Job and Profile setup :

It is necessary for your business to properly set up profiles through the social media site. Use high-quality images for branding and post regularly to maintain.

  • Working with Local

It is not just enough to analyze the trends and search patterns but also to leverage it. How can it be done? Integrate them in keywords, use the keywords as the anchor text. Place appropriate titles, add a suitable meta description. Play with long tail keywords with very specific intent.

Example: Adding “in Nepal” helps your content to be displayed more on the local search as well as be found right when the geographically based search is made.

  • Search console (international Targeting):

Although, the locality should be prioritized,  make sure you don’t divert too much from the international trends and searches. Use the Google Search Console and Google Trends for this purpose.

The Timeline – Practices of SEO in Nepal

So, you decided that you need to invest in SEO and that you are mobilizing your resources to optimize the website for search engine. But you may be bothered that you are not seeing the exponential growth or high ranking overnight,  your agency promised. Well, you need to understand that such claims of swift ranking or instant traffic are all talks and require a lot of action.

However, we have prepared a timeline of what you should expect if you have invested in SEO in Nepal.

First month:

The first month will be focused on to improve previous strategies applied for SEO. If there have not been any efforts taken for SEO then a new optimization process will start.

The first phase is concerned with consolidating the current stats of the website and optimizing it to fit the needs of the search algorithm.

The process starts with a strategy with a certain objective. The important keywords are recognized and the website content, as well as blog, are prepared with the intent of targeting those important keywords.

Setup is done to facilitate tracking of the audience data and all tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google MyBusiness.

You need to remember, SEO is a long process and higher ranking or exponential traffic overnight is not possible.

Three Month:

Within the three months of the start, the website and every content will be optimized for fastest load time and maximum intent target. This will result in a clean website, integrated with your brand values. All negative back drag to the performance of the website both technical and content-wise is removed.

The technical SEO is started full scale with optimization of metadata, scheduled content and the rankings are further enhanced by implementing local SEO.

A fixed schedule for the blog is set up with appropriate content being published as per the need to rank and provide value.

3-6 Months:

Once you are 3 months into your SEO process, noticeable changes in ranking and traffic will appear.

You will get ranked on the first page for multiple keywords, above your competitors. And this also means more people will start visiting your website with an increase in leads and possible customer.

Having a good property with an engaged audience then makes you ready for the next step, for exponential growth. This can be achieved by complementing search engine optimization with search engine marketing. The Pay Per Click Ads, Display Ads allows you to be found right where your customers are searching.

Similarly, by this time you will have substantial audience data for thorough analysis of patterns and behaviors. This helps you optimize your efforts even more. Furthermore, with enough data, the possibilities for email marketing also opens.

1 Year:

By the end of a year from the start of the SEO process, there will be a complete rebranding of the website.

Your offsite presence is also increased with help of paid Ads and social media platforms. And, as the shift is necessary for the type of content, video contents are created, in accordance with your brand.

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