Build a brand online by asking right questions

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Build a brand online by asking right questions
Do you want to build a brand online?
Can you leverage the Internet and Digital devices for you and your business ?
Will you be able to grab the right attention ???
Digital Branding at first may seem simple and effortless, it is; however, to build a strong online presence and grow through digital marketing we need to learn a lot of things. This starts with asking the right questions.
We have prepared the list of questions to ask yourself before building a brand online.

1. Can I build a brand online?

It is possible to build a brand online. Many have done, more are in the process and you can surely start the process. In the scenario where a company has surpassed 1 trillion dollars in brand value with many more aspiring for the similar status, it is not easy to stand out among a wide number of competitors.

The question that should come along with it is how do I build my brand online? 

First, recognize the platforms you want to pursue online branding through. In the long run, as many platforms as possible should be used for this purpose. However, it should start with the basics.

Websites give the message “I am here to stay“,  invest in developing a good website. Search Engine Optimization should be done for your website.

Facebook is used for socializing and sharing personal experiences.

Instagram is for the creators and users need to embrace professionalism and quality in their content.

Youtube has been used for entertainment, learning and growing. Document to Create

The relevance and timing of the content will prove vital in increasing your audience size and engaging them for more.

Once the fundamentals are done right, you will have a sizeable audience with good engagement. Now is the time to do things that give you the edge.

Linkedin is your best choice if you want to attract like-minded professionals to work with you and your company.

If you are a growing influencer: Snapchat will work wonders !!! the fastest way to share a moment 😀

Email Marketing still works if you are not spamming; messaging apps can be used for similar purposes

Start with more platforms and higher frequency as you move on to build a strong online presence for your brand.

2. How to get a lot of followers, like or subscribers?

Likes, followers, and subscribers are insights into how well you are building your brand. It is the stepping stone to impart your brand values and offer products and services. You must be credible for people to hear you.

First of all, to get a lot of followers, simply post valuable content of the highest order: the best images, thought inducing texts and people engaging videos. Once you get your brand or entity right, then you start to search for the followers, like and subscribe.

Getting Lots of Followers and Likes

Macro Plan: 

  • Create a marketing strategy with your target audience in mind, their needs, and behaviors
  • Create a Theme for your Instagram profile and maintain the consistency in every photo
  • Leverage Hashtags and structure in your content to directly reach the people who will find you relevant.

Tactical Aspect: 

  • Find a suitable timing to post (Here, at DG we get maximum reach if we post around 12 pm or 9 pm).
  • Use Analytic Tools and Insights (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram) to organize your user data, recognize patterns and understand trends.
  • Make Use of Paid Ads. Digital Ads are cheaper, has a higher reach and a targeted audience.

Community Building 

  • Post value-giving content at regular intervals in accordance with the demand of your audience
  • Create a Group for your page and Join similar groups to promote closed interactions. Don’t Spam though !!! NEVER
  • Participate and let your audience participate in different contests. Questions, Puzzles, Games, Polls work best as they open direct communication
Getting followers or likes or subscribers will need you to constantly put effort and in the right way.

3. Why focus on Content to build a brand online?

“Content is King” or Content is Currency”;

Anyone who wants to build a brand online must write this in their mind.

The content constitutes to the professional and tangible aspects of representing ideas, value and building a brand identity. Content is what you bring forward to the table that a consumer can accept or reject.

It is important to build a good strategy, follow a structure and learn the tools, analytics, and algorithm but what’s more important ??? having content to provide for.

Content tells who you are, what you are doing, why you are doing it, how to do and many more. Content is also preferred by the search algorithms and helps you stand out in the digital field.

A few reasons why you should focus on content marketing while building a brand online:

  • Builds brand identity; values, available products, and services
  • Creates engagement with the audience
  • Rank better in Google and other search engines
  • Builds credibility and creates user expectation
  • Increases social shares

Content marketing has helped a lot of business grow exponentially, its time for your brand to grow. But distribution is the queen they say, so you need to post actively on different platforms.

4. How often to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Building a brand online is about how often people see you in their newsfeed, social media platforms etc. This is done through your content. You probably know that you need to be posting content on a regular basis. But, having a problem finding the right numbers?

We prepared an infographic to help you guide in your posting to ensure you don’t spam while maintaining consistency.

Also, try scheduling your content on timing that shows the highest reach in the insights.

5. Is digital marketing worth the cost to build a brand online?

Definitely. It will be one of your best investment.  Digital marketing so far has been very cost effective with a high return on investment in terms of reach, leads, conversions, and sales.

50% of sale

Up to 50% (our best feat.) of the total sale revenue can be generated using digital marketing. Can reach 100% if you are an online service business.

5% Conversion Rate

Digital marketing ensures a high conversion rate for the leads. More than 5% of site visitors and up to 10% profile viewers turn into customers

Improved Interaction with Customer

You get faster and easy way to communicate with your customer. This allows for longer and improved interaction which increases your sale.

Quick Pay Back

Digital Marketing in Nepal has a high return on investment. One of our customer’s SEO shows 33% more payback than other channels of internet advertising.

60% of repeat sales

The highest rate of repeat sales through personalized offers and its series of reminders.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

These numbers are just a representation of how efficient digital marketing can be. If you want a detailed overview of how you can apply digital marketing to build a brand online, then contact us.


Batonsnotab @ DG

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  1. Planning all are mandatory but the content is one of the key factor, which plays influencing part in digital marketing and creating a brand as well;

    Thanks for sharing really quick tips <3

    1. Thank You. Yes, we are very big on content and are always willing to create more content that provides value to our customers and DIgital Marketing Enthusists.

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