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Advanced SEO Keyword Research [ Learn All the Secrets]

11 Lessons
4.9 hours
What you'll learn
Find keywords in new, unique ways that your competitors are not using
Find the keywords your competitors are secretly hiding from you
Secretly finding your next low hanging fruits keywords
Getting familiar with an industry-loved keyword research tool
Learning how to find the right keyword based on your client's requirement
Selecting the right keywords after your research
Using keywords the right way

Content Writing: Write an Article with me in 3 hours

(2 ratings)
20 Lessons
2.8 hours
What you'll learn
Understanding different forms of Content Writing
Equipping yourself with relevant tools
Researching, Writing, and Editing an article
Growing a Career in Content Writing
SEO and Keyword integration basics
Bonus: Email Content Writing

Google Analytics Course From Basic To Advanced Level

17 Lessons
2.6 hours
What you'll learn
Creating Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) and integrating it into the website
Creating audiences for retargeting
Setting up a goal and Goal flow
All important features of google analytics

Psychology of Selling – 9 Steps to selling

(4 ratings)
9 Lessons
48 minutes
What you'll learn
How psychology works in sales
Different types of psychology in sales
Why psychology is important in sales
The right approach to sales

Social Media Marketing – Beyond Facebook Boosting

(5 ratings)
36 Lessons
2.4 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
Social Media Marketing practice in 2021
Facebook & Instagram Advertising
Content for Social Media
Analysing & Interpreting Ads
Making Money from Social Media Marketing

Build a Career in Digital Marketing || A Complete Guide

(13 ratings)
43 Lessons
9.4 hours
What you'll learn
Learn Digital Marketing Basics
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEO and Google Ads)
Digital Marketing Strategy
How do you use Digital Media for Your Growth

Understand SEO in Just 1 Hour

(8 ratings)
12 Lessons
57 minutes
What you'll learn
How SEO Works

Getting started with Digital Marketing

(11 ratings)
4 Lessons
53.2 minutes
All Levels
What you'll learn
Understanding Digital Marketing
Learning Digital Marketing
Getting started as a Digital Marketer

Getting Started with Content Writing

(20 ratings)
6 Lessons
56.5 minutes
What you'll learn
Understanding Content Writing
Set up your own Personal Blog
Start your career in Content Writing

SEO Course From 0 Level – Practical Learning

(2 ratings)
50 Lessons
6 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
Keyword Analysis
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Basic Technical SEO