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NEPSE Technical Analysis | Learn to Trade in Nepali Share Market

7 Lessons
4.9 hours
What you'll learn
Learn about technical terms
Know how to analyze trends
Learn Trading Concepts
Learn about RSI, MACD, Support, Resistance
Learn to make better predictions

Business Registration in Nepal

7 Lessons
1.7 hour
All Levels
What you'll learn
Understanding the options available for registration business
Pros and Cons of various options available
Understanding Process of Business Registration
PAN Type and Facts
Impact of various PAN
Types of Invoices issues under various PAN
Types of various types of business
Understanding various types of tax return
Tax Liability under various types of business and tax return

Personal Finance 101 | Become Financially Literate

(18 ratings)
7 Lessons
46 minutes
What you'll learn
Personal Finance Hacks
How to build your financial vision
How to develop a 'saving' mindset

BEST – NEPSE Technical Analysis Training

(2 ratings)
19 Lessons
11.6 hours
What you'll learn
Technical Analysis
Market Trends & Movements
Swing, Pivot, Fibonacci & Trend Line Support and Resistance
Reversal & Continuation price actions
Candlestick Patterns
Trend Indicators
Momentum Indicators
Volatility Indicators
Volume Analysis
Selecting the good companies
Trade Set-Ups
Trade management

Fundamental Analysis of Share Market | A complete beginners guide

(12 ratings)
27 Lessons
1.5 hour
What you'll learn
Learn Fundamental Analysis
Learn Basics of Investing
Help You Get Started in Share Market

Microsoft Excel Course: From Zero to Hero

61 Lessons
2.6 hours
What you'll learn
Making Better Decisions
Analyzing Data
Processing large amounts of Data
Being proficient
Being more 'saleable' in the job market

Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

(9 ratings)
16 Lessons
46 minutes
What you'll learn
Sort, arrange and Manage Data
Prepare charts and great summaries
Analyze data
Process large amounts of data with efficiency and accuracy

A complete guide to Investing in Stock Market in Nepal

(6 ratings)
129 Lessons
5.3 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
Fundamental Analysis
Investing Tools
Investment Theories
Practical insights