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E-commerce Website Building with WordPress | Build your Online Shop

31 Lessons
5.1 hours
What you'll learn
How to make a Fully-Featured ECommerce Website without Programming/Coding Knowledge
How to Create a Simple Product in an eCommerce store
How to Create a Variable Product which has certain variations
How to Buy Domain and Web Hosting in Nepal
What is WordPress and How to use it
How to Set up Taxes on an eCommerce Store
How to Set up Shipping Prices
How to Manage Orders, Refunds, Products, etc.
How to add a Custom Delivery Date Field with a Product
How to design the website with Drag and Drop Page Builder (Elementor)(No HTML Coding)

The Basic of ETABS

(1 rating)
5 Lessons
39 minutes
What you'll learn
Model a building in ETABS
Apply various types of load including earthquake load
Define load combinations as per relevant code
Analyze a reinforced concrete building
View forces and reactions under various load conditions

Guide to Photoshop: From Beginner to Pro

(5 ratings)
45 Lessons
6.1 hours
What you'll learn
Graphic Designing
Master Photoshop Software
Design Ads, Posters, Art
Photo Manipulation
Learn Photoshop in Nepal in the Nepali Language

Learn Business Intelligence with Power BI

51 Lessons
4.6 hours
What you'll learn
Build professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up
Blend and transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards
Design and implement the same B.I. tools used by professional analysts
Understand the business intelligence workflow from end-to-end
At the end of this course, students will be able to analyze data from different data sources
Students will be able to comfortably work with the different tools of the Power BI universe and know how the different tools work together
Students will have the required knowledge to dive deeper into Microsoft Power BI and find out more about its advanced features

Ethical Hacking For Beginners

(4 ratings)
18 Lessons
3.3 hours
What you'll learn
Explain what ethical hacking is, the types of hackers, and their phases.
Build your own local hacking lab
Familiarize yourself with Kali Linux
Concept of Google dorks and how to use it
Scan networks with many tools
Use Metasploit and use it to hack PC
Perform OSINT on emails and websites

Cryptography For Everyone

Rs 199Rs 1,499

Cryptography For Everyone

20 Lessons
4.8 hours
What you'll learn
Learn Basics of Cryptography
Explore More About Internet Security

Understand SEO in Just 1 Hour

(8 ratings)
12 Lessons
57 minutes
What you'll learn
How SEO Works

Website Development With WordPress | Learn WordPress from Zero Level

(2 ratings)
20 Lessons
2.3 hours
What you'll learn
Create a professional-looking website on a local & live server with WordPress.
Learn Website Designing
Learn WordPress

SEO Course From 0 Level – Practical Learning

(2 ratings)
50 Lessons
6 hours
All Levels
What you'll learn
Keyword Analysis
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Basic Technical SEO