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A short guide to studying abroad | Things to know for Studying in the USA

(6 ratings)
1 Lesson
41 minutes
What you'll learn
What to study?
Where to study? Country Comparison
What tests do you need to take?
How to find the right University?
What documents are required for applying?
What are the types of Scholarships you can apply for?
What is an I-20 and how to get it?

The Pearson Test of English | Learn basics of PTE

(3 ratings)
9 Lessons
40 minutes
What you'll learn
Understand the difference between IELTS and PTE
Make a decision on which test is more suited for you
Understand PTE marking schema
Enhance your ability to score well in the test
Realize your strong suits and ones you struggle with so that you can focus on your weaker ones
Develop confidence, understand and articulate yourself better and become a better all-round communicator of the language