E-commerce Website Building with WordPress | Build your Online Shop

31 Lessons
5.1 hours
What you'll learn
How to make a Fully-Featured ECommerce Website without Programming/Coding Knowledge
How to Create a Simple Product in an eCommerce store
How to Create a Variable Product which has certain variations
How to Buy Domain and Web Hosting in Nepal
What is WordPress and How to use it
How to Set up Taxes on an eCommerce Store
How to Set up Shipping Prices
How to Manage Orders, Refunds, Products, etc.
How to add a Custom Delivery Date Field with a Product
How to design the website with Drag and Drop Page Builder (Elementor)(No HTML Coding)

The Basic of ETABS

(1 rating)
5 Lessons
39 minutes
What you'll learn
Model a building in ETABS
Apply various types of load including earthquake load
Define load combinations as per relevant code
Analyze a reinforced concrete building
View forces and reactions under various load conditions

NEPSE Technical Analysis | Learn to Trade in Nepali Share Market

7 Lessons
4.9 hours
What you'll learn
Learn about technical terms
Know how to analyze trends
Learn Trading Concepts
Learn about RSI, MACD, Support, Resistance
Learn to make better predictions

Advanced SEO Keyword Research [ Learn All the Secrets]

11 Lessons
4.9 hours
What you'll learn
Find keywords in new, unique ways that your competitors are not using
Find the keywords your competitors are secretly hiding from you
Secretly finding your next low hanging fruits keywords
Getting familiar with an industry-loved keyword research tool
Learning how to find the right keyword based on your client's requirement
Selecting the right keywords after your research
Using keywords the right way

Violin Classes for Beginners

Rs 299Rs 999

Violin Classes for Beginners

1 Lesson
1.4 hour
What you'll learn
Learn in depth about Violin
Learn how to control you violin bow
Learn how to play violin
Learn from Industry expert with high experience

Content Writing: Write an Article with me in 3 hours

(2 ratings)
20 Lessons
2.8 hours
What you'll learn
Understanding different forms of Content Writing
Equipping yourself with relevant tools
Researching, Writing, and Editing an article
Growing a Career in Content Writing
SEO and Keyword integration basics
Bonus: Email Content Writing

Guide to Photoshop: From Beginner to Pro

(4 ratings)
45 Lessons
6.1 hours
What you'll learn
Graphic Designing
Master Photoshop Software
Design Ads, Posters, Art
Photo Manipulation

Build Your Own Website | For Anyone

27 Lessons
3 hours
What you'll learn
Building a website is a no-brainer
You were wrong about your perception that building a website is complicated
Actually building a website is like ABCD, Anybody can do it!
Having a website makes a difference in your brand or business.

A short guide to studying abroad | Things to know for Studying in the USA

(3 ratings)
1 Lesson
41 minutes
What you'll learn
What to study?
Where to study? Country Comparison
What tests do you need to take?
How to find the right University?
What documents are required for applying?
What are the types of Scholarships you can apply for?
What is an I-20 and how to get it?

Kaushi Kheti for Nepalese Homes

(2 ratings)
1 Lesson
40 minutes
What you'll learn
Utilize your small space to produce crops
Grow Fresh Crops
Learn About Farming and Agriculture

Guitar Course in Nepali | Basic to Advance Guide | BOOK INCLUDED

19 Lessons
2.2 hours
What you'll learn
know about Guitar and it's types
learn practically about guitar
know how to play with music
get knowledge about different chords
Included theory too

Business Registration in Nepal

7 Lessons
1.7 hour
All Levels
What you'll learn
Understanding the options available for registration business
Pros and Cons of various options available
Understanding Process of Business Registration
PAN Type and Facts
Impact of various PAN
Types of Invoices issues under various PAN
Types of various types of business
Understanding various types of tax return
Tax Liability under various types of business and tax return

Getting Job in Nepal | Job Dynamics

(2 ratings)
5 Lessons
1 hour
What you'll learn
Questions on reflecting to know about yourself
Tips on building skills
Do's and don'ts in writing resume
Job hunting channels
How to face job interviews

5 minutes makeup Look for Students and Office Goers

(2 ratings)
2 Lessons
30 minutes
What you'll learn
Learn to do simple makeup
Able to do instant makeup
Save your time yet look beautiful

Google Analytics Course From Basic To Advanced Level

17 Lessons
2.6 hours
What you'll learn
Creating Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) and integrating it into the website
Creating audiences for retargeting
Setting up a goal and Goal flow
All important features of google analytics

Psychology of Selling – 9 Steps to selling

(4 ratings)
9 Lessons
48 minutes
What you'll learn
How psychology works in sales
Different types of psychology in sales
Why psychology is important in sales
The right approach to sales