Violin Classes for Beginners

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March 29, 2022
01h 25m

Course Description

Anyone who is interested in learning violin can take this course, without worrying about the skills and experience.
Every lesson on the course is designed in a way that students can learn faster. This course includes music theory which will help you sprint faster while playing guitar.

Students will learn bow holding technique, violin holding technique, bowling open scale playing, major scales, pentatonic scales, and songs.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn in depth about Violin
  • Learn how to control you violin bow
  • Learn how to play violin
  • Learn from Industry expert with high experience

Topics for this course

1 Lessons01h 25m

1. Full Course on Violin


  • No skills required
  • need a violin and a bow (if you want to practice)

Who this course is for

  • Musicians
  • Students
  • Passionate Learners
  • Beginners in Music

About the instructors

Namaste everyone! I am Narendra Lama, an experienced violin player, and teacher.I started my journey of music from Narayan Gopal Music Trust where I learned violin. And learned guitar, piano, and music theory from the Kathmandu jazz orchestra also passed the grade 5 exam which means master level course from Royal London Music College.I have 18 years of experience in teaching violin in various schools like Daffodile, Columbus school, apex life, and many more.I believe to have enough experience and idea of teaching violin and the frequent problems faced by students. I believe to have the ability to teach students in the best way possible using universal learning techniques.
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1 Courses

4 students

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Enrolment validity: 90 days

This course includes

Material Includes

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