Anushka Shrestha

Anushka Shrestha is Miss Nepal World 2019 and she is also the CEO and Co-Founder at Makkusé.

About the Guest

Anushka Shrestha, who wears multiple hats currently is the co-founder and CEO of an authentic Nepali desserts brand Makkusé, Miss Nepal World 2019 and an aspiring social entrepreneur.

In this talk, we explore the current state of entrepreneurship and education in Nepal and some helpful tips and techniques for Nepalese youths who want to follow this journey. We also dive deep into the obstacles and problems faced while running a business in Nepal.

Topics Covered

Questions Highlight


 If you had to choose, which soft skills would you develop?

 What is your take on the term “Follow Your Passion”?

 What habits have helped you in your career?

 What was the last book you read?

 How to be more confident?

 How has your entrepreneur journey been so far?

 How did the name “Makkusé” come up?

 What challenges do people face when building a business?

 What do you think is missing from Nepal’s education system?