Digital Marketing for Automobile Industry: Faster & Better

Digital marketing for automobile industry in Nepal

The automobile industry in Nepal is a large and broad industry incorporating all range of vehicles from a two-wheeler to household car to high capacity trucks.  And, digital marketing for automobile industry has the capacity to accelerate the industry.

 What is the present scenario of the automobile industry in Nepal?

In present, in Nepal, before the outbreak, the automobile industry was booming with an increased number of individuals buying two-wheelers and four-wheelers alike. 

The number does not seem to stop with people also opting for various brands and models:

The three reasons for the increase in automobile enthusiast are: 

  1. Luxury: Automobile has risen up to be a status symbol. People associate them with your identity.
  2. Convenience: Be it to constantly go through the cities or going out with your family, you need an option that facilitates it easily. Bikes and Cars have risen in number as more people are seeking convenience. 
  3. Trend: People like to go with the trend: what is popular in the market and what other people are buying.

What does your audience want?

Efficient Mileage and maintenance : 

When a customer has invested lakhs to buy a new bike and car, they expect it to be efficient with fuel consumption as well expect it to function properly with minimal maintenance cost. 

Quality Built: Durability 

A vehicle is the man’s friend. It must have a good quality building that is durable for years to come. 

Support Service: 

Who to contact if any confusion or any problem in the vehicle? Good support service is required, be it through instant messaging apps, social media or hotline. 

Reasonable Pricing : 

Let’s face it the price range a customer can afford determines which vehicle they will buy. 

Easy Acquirement : 

How easily can a customer buy your vehicle? Are there enough outlets? Do you have an online booking and delivery option? 

Good Photos : 

People will definitely capture photos with their bikes or cars. And they want a good photo? How aesthetically sound are your products. 

Offer :

Since a customer is investing a lot to buy your product, they will be happier if you have something to offer them. 

Here are some of the general schemes you can leverage as an offer for an automobile company.

  • Lucky Draws: This is usually for a grand prize which is generally worth more than or comparable to the cost of the vehicle. You could get all the applicants to fill up and choose a lucky winner. 
  • Instant CashBack: What’s happier than getting back the money you have spent. The amount may vary but up to 100% cashback can work wonder. 
  • Items + Accessories: You could provide essentials to your buyer. Like Helmet/Jackets for Bikers, or it could be something totally unrelated like power bank, phone!!! 
  • Discount: It may be a certain percentage of the total amount or a fixed rate that can be cashed in while buying
  • Financing: Not all payments are done through cash. Some people opt for the option of financing and it will be easier if you provide financing options right from your showroom at a reasonable rate.
  • Travel Package: Travel has always intrigued people and even more with people interested in the automobile. So, it can be a good offer to attract 

Digital media is the best place to promote these offers and incite the audience to be interested in your product and actually buy it.

After, knowing the status of the audience, you may ask, Where does digital marketing come in???

Deliver Right Content Through Right Channels: Digital Marketing for Automobile Industry

Build Your Website to take your audience to an experience they would want. Give information about the model of vehicle available as well as contacts for the purchase of the same.

The automobile company has been actively involved in Traditional Advertisements and its time to put your vehicle on the Internet for everyone to see. Boost your posts and reach a wider audience, be it for awareness, engagement, or conversion. 

Do Social Media Ads to speak to your audience and promote offers.

Target younger groups for brand recognition and older groups for conversion.

Google Ads help you build your brand identity for a longer time and broader audience as you are visible on different sides.

Social Media Ads and Google Ads are an effective tool for lead generation anytime you launch your new product! Inform them first subtly about the release of the vehicle. Slowly tell them all the exclusive features and finally get them to interact with offers that will lead to form fillups.

Blog about new features, new offers or just share travel experiences. There are many bloggers who review the automobile. You can collaborate with them for Guest Blogging. 

We have all been through the jungles, to the mountains, across the beach. Thanks to amazing videos out there. Share your TVC on the Internet. Post it on Facebook, Youtube, and share. 

Get Reviews and Feedback. Be it the people who come for a test ride or people who have already bought from you. Converse with your audience and get feedback. Share their thoughts through posts when possible. Ask them to tag you when they post a photo with their vehicle. The word of mouth spreads so fast.  

Let your brand move as fast as your product. Start your digital marketing campaign today and stay ahead of the race.

We at Digital Gurkha provide all services to facilitate digital marketing for the automobile industry. For more insights, you can visit our digital marketing blog and learn more.

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