Digital Marketing for FMCG: How to make your FMCG Brand Unforgettable

Digital Marketing for FMCG: How to make your FMCG Brand Unforgettable

From a digital marketing aspect, before we dive into the details of how to make your FMCG Brand Marketing unforgettable, let’s look at a few examples:

Digital Marketing for FMCG: How to make your FMCG Brand Unforgettable

Do you recognize this logo without the Brand name?

Digital Marketing for FMCG: How to make your FMCG Brand Unforgettable

And this Tag line?


What about this ten-second audio clip?

Digital Marketing for FMCG: How to make your FMCG Brand Unforgettable

Let’s make it a bit tougher- What about this color?

Were you able to guess them correctly? 

If you did, don’t be surprised!

Most of the audience recognize bigger brands by some elements easily. There’s a reason the game ‘Logos’ became such a hit in such a short period of time.

Now, That is what a brand identity is. 

It can be a Tagline, It can be a Logo, It can be a color, it could be some well-thought marketing campaigns. And in the best cases, it is a combination of all.

So how do bigger FMCG brands get where they do? 

Firstly, let’s begin with what an FMCG really is.

What is an FMCG Brand?

FMCG, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods, are the products that reach the end-user directly. Some of the examples include non-durable household goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, and other consumables.

How do you make your FMCG Brand Unforgettable?

In regard to FMCG Industries, Nepal is an ideal market swarming with potential consumers. Consumerism is on the rise, and with the increasing emphasis on “swift everything”, Goods have seen an unparalleled demand. To successfully help bridge the current gap between a brand and Nepalese consumers relative to Digital presence, a well-strategized, data-centric, and a tried and tested digital marketing plan is needed. Here are some tips to help you achieve just that- a 360* branding campaign aimed at winning Nepali hearts digitally.

  1. Campaigns

    Campaigns. Campaigns. Campaigns.

    It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that a huge portion of the marketing industry is sustaining on successful campaigns. Traditionally, Campaigns were conducted only by Print Agencies or Advertising agencies. However recently, this trend has delved into the digital space as well.

    A good campaign should be two things:
    a) Catchy: Using easy words, attractive visuals, simple and groovy music makes campaigns catchy.
    b) Consistent: Maintaining consistency in the tone, patterns, visuals in campaigns can increase the memorability of your brand. 

    One example is the “Kiss me” Campaign by Dairy Milk Silk. Even as they brought different variations of the silk, they stayed true to the original campaign tune with slight upgradations.

  2. Videos

    Videos cannot and should not be missed out in today’s marketing arena. There are two tips while making a good video:

    a) Dealing with Budget constraints: Video making is expensive compared to a simple post. However, it’s necessary to take it as a wise investment. Figures have shown that videos generate much higher engagement, brand value, and ultimately ROI. 

    Instead of pouring money on multiple average-quality videos, a wiser approach would be to make one solid brand video. Remaining videos could be simple 2D / infographic videos. The brand video could also be structured in such a way that small clips can be extracted later on.

    b) Video with emotional touch: In the FMCG videos, engaging the audience is crucial. Leveraging festivals or holidays, or any other emotional aspect can be key in grabbing the attention of the customers. Learning from internationally successful video advertisements, the videos that talk less about themselves and more about the people have always created a buzz.

  3. Influencers

    Traditional Branding has identified only big-screen actors or extremely popular figures as influencers. However, times have changed- and oh how. There are not one, but three types of influencers:

    a) Popular Influencers: It’s worked for years now, and it will in the future as well. Find influencers that align with your brand values, and integrate them in as much marketing as possible.

    b) Micro-influencers: They might not have the largest of the following, but if you’re moving to very specific, targetted campaigns, they can be very beneficial to a brand. One example would be location-specific campaigns, where an influencer very popular in that area could be used.
    c) Personal Influencers: Whether it is Steve Jobs in the west, Tata Family in India, or Chaudhary Group in Nepal- there is a higher level of trust and relatability when brand owners are themselves influencers.

  4. Multiple Channel digital Marketing

    In the creative world, each creative takes a lot of time, resources, and effort. So why not maximize that input? When a campaign or even a simple post is being put out in any marketing channel- there are chances that some people will see it.

    But when that same creative goes to print, billboards, google display, social media, and OTTsthe chances of not seeing in very less.

    Bringing slight, quirky variations in those creatives with a visibly same overarching theme can add the surprise factor as well. 

  5. Patience

    This might not even sound like a marketing term, but it is very important especially for FMCG brands. The trick is to extract data from digital campaigns, analyze and evaluate, and make progress continuously. It’s not necessary that each campaign you launch is a hit. But learning, being patient, and letting your hard-work reap over time is essential The longer you’ve been in the game, the stronger your brand value gets. 

The time is now. By utilizing the digital space, you can convert your Fast Moving Consumer Goods Brand to a Fast-Growing Consumer Goods brand!

To know about growth-hacking tips and strategies catered specially for your own brand, do contact us. Our data-centric, result-oriented, and out-of-the-box marketing approaches have established brands, solidified their foothold, and amplified their presence.  We take pride in our specialization of Digital Branding for the businesses that never settle with ‘okay’. 

We at Digital Gurkha provide all the services to make your FMCG Brand Unforgettable. For more insights, you can visit our page and learn more.

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