Digital Marketing for healthcare: Better Care

Digital Marketing for healthcare: Better Care

You may have heard a lot about what digital marketing is and how it has turned effective for businesses.

But you may be asking what is Digital Marketing for healthcare and how it can help the industry? 

Well, we have to start at a customer who is seeking health-related services. It has become a common practice to first search on the internet regarding health-related issues before we actually go to a doctor or clinician.

We search online for the symptoms & cures of health problems, for information about medicines or about the availability of health services and medical stores. 

Digital Marketing for healthcare incorporates the use of digital platforms to promote products and services in the healthcare industry.

It is valid for all health care institutions such as hospitals, clinics, dental, pharmacies as well as aesthetic services & products.

The most common form of marketing suitable for the healthcare service includes Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. 

Social Media Marketing leverages platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to stay social and connected with your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing helps you reach your customers as they are searching on the internet.

Content Marketing helps you inform and influence your audience through the planned content of various forms.

Email Marketing allows you to reach the inbox of people who use the internet and maybe your potential audience.

Why should the HealthCare industries focus on digital marketing?

Traditionally the media for marketing for healthcare has been: print media, TV, billboards, broadcasts, radio, word of mouth, or no marketing at all. However, each of these marketing media does not ensure you reach the people that would be interested in the service nor gives you anyway to visualize how effective the treatment has been!

On the other side, online marketing that incorporates Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing provides an effective way to deliver, track and measure progress while having massive ROI compared to the traditional marketing media. 

But why is digital marketing for healthcare effective in Nepal?

Digital Marketing for healthcare: Better Care

Customers are online : 

As iterated above, your customers are online. Yes, everyone from a child to their parents and grandparents is now online. And it’s only normal that people interact with health-related content and brands on the internet.

Even without credible sources people believe and share these content. This is an opportunity for health service providers to reach the people and aware of the best health practices as well as give them easy access to high-quality services and products from professional practitioners.

Communicate and Connect Instantly: 

Digital Marketing provides an easy way to connect with real humans in a few clicks and keystrokes. It can be through instant messaging or through posts that garner engagement (reactions, shares & comments) or through the details provided on the internet. 

Brand Presence and Recall: 

Around 40% of people have said that the way they come across social media affects their decisions regarding healthcare: (MediaBistro)

You may be providing the best health care service and product in town but you will not be found unless you are where your audience is searching. With digital marketing, you can reach a large audience network and interact with them in such a way that your brand will be the first thing that comes to their mind when in need of any related services. 

Generate Actual Leads : 

It may be people that find you on the search engine or maps and calling for your business or maybe the people following you on social media who regularly consume your content and would be interested to render your services or the random Nepali using the internet who is part of your targeted audience in paid advertisements. 

Digital Marketing provides you with methods through which you can get actual patients to use your service or product. Through SEO people find you while they are searching on google or maps. Social Media allows you to do it through normal postings or through campaigns. Google Ads: PPC can also act as a source through which people find your services. 

How can Digital Marketing be useful to the Healthcare Industry?

Broadly speaking, digital marketing for healthcare includes the practices in social media, search engine, email but here we are sharing with you some actionable strategies that are suitable for health care services and products.  

Create a Website that is SEO friendly(SEO & PPC)

The website does not come first on the mind when you think of hospitals but having a website creates a credible identity for your brand on the internet as well as a go-to point for any information, services, or product.

Having a website helps to reach the health seekers as they are searching through the internet. 


  • Easy Navigation with clean design 
  • Contact Points for Customers (Phone Number, Address, Email) 
  • Proper information about the services or product
  • Profile of Available Doctors/Experts 
  • Regular informative blogs and other resources

Did You Know? Search engines are used by 77% of the patients before booking appointments. (PewResearch)

Once you have a website the next step is to ensure you have high authority and rank higher in search engines. This is done by search engine optimization techniques which include building a proper structure and content on your website as well as linking it with other websites on the same domain (healthcare)

Your website will also act as a landing page for lead generation campaigns that you run on Social Media or Google Network.


This includes getting displayed while people are searching on the Maps or simply on Google according to your location. 

When people search for “hospitals near me” or “medical service in Kathmandu”, a list of 3 to 5 companies are displayed and local SEO ensures that your centre is one of them. 

This is accounted according to your website, social profiles as well as your presence in the GoogleMyBusiness Platform 

It is of utmost importance that you have consistent contact details: Name, Address, Phone Number over all places 

88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone

This means you need to ensure that your social profile, website as well as my business profile are optimized for easy calls. 

PPC Ads:

PPC or PayPerClick Ads are those text ads that are displayed as a result on top of the page above other pages. While it’s normal to think that PPC Ads are avoided they have an average of 30 – 40% click-through rate in the healthcare industry. And what’s best is that you get charged only when someone actually clicks on your Ad. PPC Ads are wonderful tools to generate leads for your business. 

Not many hospitals and clinics in Nepal are running PPC Ads and this might be the place where you get maximum benefits. 

Video marketing : 

Videos are the most engaging and favourite type of content for consumers to see on social media with 54% of consumers saying they want to see more video content from their brand (Hubspot 2018). 

Besides this, Video is one of the favourite tools of marketers with 51% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with the best ROI.( 

Video Marketing works wonderfully for the healthcare industry as well. It could be videos to aware people of best health practices, it could be doctor’s advice or it could be anything informational, your consumers are waiting for good videos to watch and share. 

Using Infographics : 

infographics simply refer to graphics that contain information. These are designed to convey maximum information to the audience using visual elements that include charts, timelines, sections. 

Infographics create  3x higher engagement, including likes and share (Medium)

For Healthcare, infographics work well as people are constantly looking for tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle. Infographics are the type of content your consumers are sharing on a regular basis. 

Digital Marketing for healthcare: Better Care

Satisfied Clients – Reviews: 

As iterated above, trust is one of the leading factors that determine a customer’s decision to avail of health services.

Showcasing your satisfied clients and their experience is a way to let your customers know about your service as well as what they can expect from you. This can be done in the form of videos or normal graphical posts that you promote on social media.

And it can be done in the form of reviews on your FaceBook page, Google My business as well as on your website.

Moreover, there are also sites where you can list down the reviews for potential customers to see and be interested in your service. 

Did you know? Up to 73% of people form an opinion about your brand with 1-6 reviews (RevLocal)

Online Consultation & Appointment : 

Even if people may not actually use a service, they are looking for information from credible sources. You can design your website and social handles in such a way that people can reach you any time with queries. Moreover, you can also launch campaigns where you ask people to ask questions. Similarly, make provisions to make online appointments through the website, or instant messaging. 

Running Message Campaigns : 

Many people may not be comfortable sharing their problems or issues openly on the internet so it is wise to run message campaigns where people can ask anything they want. It’s like the online consultation but in the form of targeted ads where you make people feel comfortable to share their problems. This is effective as it opens two-way communication. 

Promoting Doctors Face

Noting the fact that people seek for professionals who they can trust, using a doctor’s face to promote the brand is a great idea to establish that the customers get their services from medical experts who know their craft. Moreover, any individual professional can also promote their personal brand by leveraging academic background and professional experience. 

However, the Nepal Medical Council does not want brands to use the doctor’s face. So you can opt for subtle placement rather than upfront marketing!

You can place the doctor profile’s on your website as well as upload it as team photos.

Email Marketing: 

You, Me, We, all of us own at least one email, if not more. We check them on a regular basis and are on a constant lookout for new emails that may be useful to us. If you have a dedicated customer’s record you can leverage it to reach them frequently with new services or products or simply greetings according to the context. You can also collect emails through lead generation campaigns on social media and google ads which you can leverage further to convert them from your one-time audience to loyal customers. 

Chatbot integration on Facebook & Website

If you want to take your marketing one step further and be ahead on the trend then chatbot integration will help your business tenfolds. Chatbots are basically automated messaging systems that answer the queries of customers without human intervention. Chatbots can answer simple repetitive questions as well as display the available products and services according to the customer’s queries. Their advantage lies in the swift handling of customers and decreased manual intervention. Moreover, the experience is fun in itself which the consumer will relate to your brand value.  

Digital Marketing for HealthCare: PostPandemic

Now is the best time.

With the outbreak of the virus, the number of people that are conscious about health has increased dramatically and so is the rate of people that are searching online for health-related content. 

Maybe you have halted your services for the time being as well. So, now is the best time to rethink strategies and invest in digital marketing. 

You may have realized that some of the above-mentioned points are easy to do from your phone as well so you could start on that. However, other techniques require practice and expertise. 

At Digital Gurkha, we have had the pleasure of working with multiple clinics and companies in the healthcare industry. We are acquainted with the audience’s behaviour as well as informed about techniques that work. 

If you want to start your digital marketing journey then contact us today! 

Let us take care of your business while you take care of your patients. 

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