Digital Marketing in 3 Dimensions: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO & Google ADs

Digital Marketing in 3 Dimensions: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO & Google ADs

Why Content Marketing? 

  1. Build brand identity: Be it your logo, your posts, or your website, or your tagline. These are all part of your brand and content marketing allows you to optimize your brand such that people will remember and follow for more.
  2. Create audience engagement: Do you want to communicate with your audience? You do that by creating content that reflects your values and interests your audience. Questions, Giveaways, Interesting Facts, or Simply Unique Content can attract an audience and get them to engage with your brand. 
  3. Rank Your Website: Do you want to be found when your potential consumers are searching? Content Marketing helps you to rank higher and be found. From the content you put in your website to the blogs you add, all of them collectively helps to build up your website value and increase your rank. (You need to be technical though ­čÖé ) 
  4. Build Brand Credibility: How can a customer know that you are genuine or you know what you are doing? Through your content. You can use your content to add value to your audience and show them you know your service/product. Content helps build credibility, trust and fosters loyalty 
  5. Increase Social Shares: Want to get more people to talk about your business/product or service? Create content that speaks to them, fascinates them and they will share it within their feed, stories or forward to their favorite ones. 

Create Content, Distribute it and Share. Learn More about Social Media Marketing in Nepal.

Digital Marketing in 3 Dimensions: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO & Google ADs

Why Social media Marketing?

  1. Everyone is on social media. From your youngest cousin to your grandparents, dad and moms to the youth generation. Everyone is on social media in 2019. WhatÔÇÖs more? Brands, big and small, 
  2. Personalized Customer Interaction: Social media allows you to converse with your customers directly in real-time, through instant messages, post comments, tags. This allows you to get personal with your customers, understand their needs and deliver effectively 
  3. Targetted Reach to Audience: Social Media has a huge number of active users but the best thing is that you get to reach who you want, the people who are interested in your brand, people who are likely to buy your service/product, filtering content. 
  4. Varied Platform and Niches: Social Media term incorporates a wide range of platforms from the generally used sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube to other specific platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, etc. Each of the platforms has a varied audience and content style suitable for any kind of business. 
  5. Location and Behaviour-based targetting: Where is your audience located? Do you want to expand on specific areas? Social Media allows you to do that. Plus, you can leverage the user behavior of how they surf the social media to aware, engage and convert audience 

Be Social. Stay Close to Your Consumers !!! Speak with them in their words. 

Learn More about Social Media Marketing in Nepal

Digital Marketing in 3 Dimensions: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO & Google ADs

Why SEO & Google ADS?

  1. Make your property visible on the Internet: The internet has billions of websites, millions in your niche. How do you make sure that the search engine recognizes your website or your audience find you? It’s through search engine optimization
  2. Reach the right audience: How amazing is it when you reach your audience right when they are searching for general answers, even more, when they are looking to buy? SEO helps you reach the right audience by capitalizing on the keywords that are related to your business and concerned by your audience. And Google Ads helps to place your ads in the millions of websites, from your favorite apps to most frequently visiting websites, including Youtube and Search Engine Page. 
  3. Creates Structure and Aesthetics: How does your website look? Where to place which elements on the website? How to make your website marketable? How to ensure your audience can navigate easily? It starts with maintaining structure and aesthetics through SEO techniques 
  4. Analytics and Tools to track progress: Google provides a complete collection of tools, from starting your campaign through research to deploying it and finally tracking how good your ads are doing and how to optimize it. 
  5. Drive Consistent Traffic and Generate Customers: SEO and Google Ads help to divert your audience from your ad or search engine to your website. It helps drive the traffic and potentially convert them to your customers (you would have better chances since you have the right structure and aesthetics to convert)
Digital Marketing in 3 Dimensions: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO & Google ADs

We at Digital Gurkha provide all the services for content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO & google ads. For more insights, you can visit our page and learn more.

Also, feel free to contact us for any queries or support.

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