5 Common digital marketing mistakes made by digital marketers

Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Digital Marketing Mistakes are common as it is an emerging field. People do it on different levels. It can be done by a brand itself or through an agency.

Digital marketing is easy to start but hard to master.

There are a lot of variables that often get disregarded or gets lost.

1. Unclear Objectives & Message (NO CTA):

Your audience is bombarded with a lot of decisions every day. The internet is full of brands, businesses and regular posts/memes trying to get the limited attention of the audience base.

So, you need to be clear what you want your audience to do and this needs to be conveyed to your audience in your post.

Do you want them to buy your product? Should they be filling a form? Or do you want them to like your page?

Be clear about it. Don’t add confusion.

2. Avoiding what works

This is a confession that as a digital marketing company, digital Gurkha always has prioritized creativity. However, we took it to the extreme and put more focus on making each and every post creative.

The problem it created was: added complexity in posts as well as added time to make these posts.

Moreover, we got stuck in the micro forgetting that it’s the macro plan that we should be focusing on to direct our

Rather than trying to get creative on each post, we started trying it on the campaign level.

Moreover, contents like a giveaway, quizzes which seemed normal garnered more engagement than the creative content

3. Disregarding SEO :

Digital marketing is often associated with social media marketing, but it is just one facet of your complete digital marketing effort.

Your website is your identity on the internet and you need to ensure that it is getting ranked and found by your audience.

Generally, the conception is that, if you are being displayed on the first page in the first few ranks of SERPs then the audience automatically views you as an authentic and credible brand.

SEO incorporates techniques that optimize your content, maintain a proper internal link as well as external linking.

It works with the metadata of your content on the website, which is understood and analyzed by the search engine algorithm

4. Limiting User Interactions

Are you constantly posting and not getting any user engagement?

What kind of posts are you posting?

Ensure your audience is getting to be part of the content creation. Be it through commenting, tagging or sharing your content.

As we discussed earlier, you need posts like quizzes where people can answer, posts where people can tag or

5. Working without a team

Digital Marketing is not a one man job. Why? There are multi-facets of digital marketing.

Content Marketing is a different aspect that requires dedicated content writers.

Social Media Marketing requires page optimization and also dimensions regarding the Advertisement which includes analytics

Search Engine Optimization is a different aspect that requires technical expertise.

Google and Display Ads is a part of search marketing that involves technicalities.

While a team member can do multiple tasks, a proper team is required to execute end to end digital marketing.

IN CONCLUSION: Amending Digital Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes are common to us humans. It is only natural. However, all it matters is how you move forward with your mistakes.

In your journey of digital marketing, the mistakes are also normal and you can amend them.

Digital marketing mistakes can be amended by learning, which is relatively easy as there are a lot of resources available for you to learn.

If you are a practitioner, learn from your mistakes and amend them.

If you are a brand, know what is not working and find a solution.

But if you are getting sick and tired of the digital marketing mistakes, consult an industry expert.

We at Digital Gurkha have learned from our mistakes and have a wide range of digital marketing resources for you to learn from.

Also, feel free to contact us for any queries or support.

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