Digital Marketing in Nepal | Dominate the Nepalese Market

What is Digital Marketing? There are a lot of articles explaining why it is the next big thing. But in this article, I will be writing specifically about the significance of Digital Marketing in the Nepalese industry and how it can be used to hack the growth of any business.

The world around us has visibly gone digital, with Google becoming the expert to ask questions, Social Media an avenue to showcase your life and YouTube replacing Television.

Right now, the world is talking about VRs, Hyperloops, Google Glasses and going to the mars. So, in the next 5 years, it will be almost impossible for any business to succeed without being visible in the Digital Arena. So, let’s have a thorough understanding of Digital Marketing and how it can help your business grow in Nepal.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in Nepal | Dominate the Nepalese Market
Digital Marketing HandCounts

Digital Marketing in Nepal is understood by many as “Facebook Boosting” due to the awareness of Digital Marketing in Nepal being minuscule. But, Digital Marketing is a vast domain that needs concrete strategies, channel recognition, ROI evaluation, and Trail and Errors to obtain good results.

Let us look at a few channels which have a huge potential in Nepal:

Social Media has showcased its power in Nepal with a lot of companies arising from social media and generating profit from it.

For example, E-commerce companies such that NewMew and SajaDeal have established a concrete brand through social media and have opened outlets in Kathmandu and pokhara. Digital Marketing in Nepal | Dominate the Nepalese Market

Education Consultancies have completely shifted their business from newspaper advertisements to Facebook and Instagram where they are collecting genuine leads (Student Names, Phone Numbers, Email Address) to further their businesses

These businesses are solely relying on Social media to run their companies profitably. And, even if you are new to Social Media Marketing, you can certainly make a living just through social media or grow your established business exponentially through it.

If building a website is like opening a shop, you should know that the shop you opened is in a hidden location. To rank your website at the top of Google for keywords your customers might be searching for(Eg: buy shoes online in Nepal), you need to get familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is shown below.

Digital Marketing in Nepal | Dominate the Nepalese Market

SEO can generate organic traffic to your website from customers who are actually searching for your product.

It is amazing how easy it is to rank on google for any specific keywords in the Nepalese Market as there aren’t a lot of companies that know the power of Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization is completely Intent-Based, i.e: People searching for a product or service in Search Engine(Google) are already eager to get the products or services that they are looking for.

This pushes the conversion rate very high and ranking on the top of the Google SERP page will bring business to you on a constant basis without really working hard for it.

SEO does take time and will start generating results only after the first three months but once it’s done, your marketing Department can go on a two months’ vacation and you will still have constant business coming to you

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

google adwords in nepalGoogle makes up almost 70% of its revenue through Search Engine Marketing. So, why are businesses all over the world using SEM? Because its very effective with high ROI and can be extensively used for Conversions. You can directly rank on the top of Google (In front of the organic links) through SEM. And the secret that a very few people know “Search Engine Marketing” is ridiculously cheap in Nepal. Rates per click might start from Rs. 5 a click.

Since there is intent in the search, even if 1 customer buys your product or service out of 10, you are looking at gaining a customer at Rs. 50.

So, if you want to invest in SEM, this is the best time to do so. Since Google has a bidding system and when competitors start advertising through SEM, you might have to pay up to Rs. 1,000 for a single click from your customer.

  • Youtube

First of all, video is the future. Text content has decreased over time with attention span decreasing due to technology changing our behavior to consume shorter content.

Videos are the best ways through which you can express yourself fully. YouTube is cheap and an effective way to brand a company to a mass of clients with branding videos. Again, running ads on YouTube is also cheaper in Nepal, due to low competition and low biddings.

  • Influencer Marketing 

Influencers have been used in marketing throughout history with businesses paying a huge sum of money for endorsements from superstars. Digital Influencers around the world are charging significant sums to endorse products. But in Nepal, Influencers themselves have not realized how much they can influence their followers and are charging chillers in comparison to the ROI that they can provide.

Social Media and YouTube Influencers can increase brand penetration tremendously when done correctly.

Looking at an example, Meme Nepal would be a good place to market a product as they have 10 lakh likes on their page and a very engaging community of followers.

Digital Marketing in Nepal | Dominate the Nepalese Market

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing has one of the highest conversion rates among any Digital Marketing Channels. Depending on the product, Email can convert potential customers and helps to retain customers. It is the best channel to be used for offers, news updates, personalized thank you emails and much more.

So, Why Digital Marketing??

If your Business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates

  • Data Collection and analytics: 

Digital Marketing in Nepal | Dominate the Nepalese Market

As you may already know, Data is a currency in today’s world with companies hoarding to analyze data and gain benefits by reading the pattern of consumer intent and behavior.

A newspaper might circulate 5 million times every day, but you will never know how many of the readers actually even looked at your ad. Your 2 lakh worth of Ads will never give you a report on how your customers interacted with your paper ads. This is catered beautifully by Digital Marketing. If you spend 2 lakh rupees on Facebook, you can reach at least 20 lakh (2 million) users whom you target through age, gender, location and Detailed targeting (Detailed targeting lets you select behaviors such as football fans or restaurant-goers).

Data Analytics can help you know your mistakes early on as you will already know if you are performing well or not in the initial stages and change the variable. Also, you can actually collect data of your clienteles, classify the data according to your target groups and study their behavior.

  • Making Communication and Branding Seamless:

Through Internet Marketing, you can directly interact with your clients. Sitting in your bedroom, you might be able to sell a shirt through different messaging platforms. Also, you are constantly interacting with your clients through emails, Social Media Posts, YouTube videos, and your website. This has provided a seamless and easy way of communicating with your clients.

Branding has never been this easy. Branding was always known as an expensive venture, only available to the rich companies who can spill money in loads. But, with good content and creative campaigns, you can make your customers fall in love with you. This will supply you with a referral base that will constantly bring in customers and never let you sit on your couch and relax.

Remember, this is the age of pull marketing and branding can take your company to heights where you can sell any service or product just through the name of your brand.

  • Take Your Message Only to the Targeted Audience: 

What more can a marketer dream of than spending marketing budget only to get to their targeted audience? Online Marketing is making it possible for marketers to reach a targeted group of people who are actually interested in your product or service.

A business might have different products catering to a different set of client bases. A Training institute might have classes for IT security training and Barista Training. These two products have a completely different set of audience behavior. Using Digital Marketing, you can create different audience pools in accordance with each product and their marketing strategy can be differed. For IT security training, you would want a technology-centered marketing campaign. As for Barista Training, you would need to create a strategy for accommodating a different client base.

Let’s say you are opening a new Fast food restaurant in Chabahil, then advertise only to young customers 16 – 28 who usually are into the fast-food culture within 5 kilometers of your restaurant. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Internet Marketing will make sure; you spend only on your targeted audience.

Nepal a playing field for companies to dominate using Digital Marketing.

After working in the Digital Marketing Industry of India, when I first came to Nepal, I was astounded by how little Internet Marketing is being used by Nepalese businesses. Digital Marketing Agency was an unknown service niche.

According to statistics from NTA, “As of October 2017, 16.67 million Nepalese had been connected to the internet, up 15.60 percent year-on-year. The staggering growth means that nearly 63 percent of Nepal’s population is now connected to the internet.”

Now “Assessing the next 5 years”, which is so important that it became a cliché question for interviews, Digital is going BIG. Every Government agency, private firms, NGO’s and INGO’s are vying to increase internet reach and awareness in Nepal.

With this scenario and consistent increase of Internet Users, Marketing will shift more towards Digital. But, with all this happening, there are not a lot of businesses shifting towards Digital. This has kept the competition on every Digital Channel very low and open.

Once, you start using the digital space to stand out on Digital Marketing Channels, in the next few years, you will be the market leader of your industry, and other businesses will be vying to catch you.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Nepal | Dominate the Nepalese Market

Facebook is being used by 60-year-olds. Our “Dads” are always on online news channels instead of newspapers, moms are on Facebook instead of TV serials and kids are playing games instead of going outside to play. I can give out hundreds of such examples. I don’t think a lot of you would be advertising on Radios as they have almost gone obsolete in most parts of the country.

Now, Let’s look at some metrics:

“Percentage change in digital marketing spend is at 14.6% this year, compared to 13.2% last year. Traditional advertising spend is also expected to grow for the first time in five years. Traditional advertising spend has grown to 0.6%, compared to -3.2% last year.”

So, Online Marketing here is to stay and grow whereas regular marketing channels are dipping in popularity. A simple example could be the thinning of Kantipur Newspaper whereas drastic increments in Ads in OnlineKhabar, Ratopati, Ekantipur, and other online news portals.

I wouldn’t completely disregard Physical Marketing and Traditional channels as they are still the statements of trust among the general populace. Marketing Online has several benefits that outshine traditional Marketing methods. It is paramount to understand that Digital is doing better day in and day out with high ROI and actual conversions taking place.

I don’t think you would oppose me when I say YouTube is taking over television; Google is taking over the position of your trusted friends, and Social Media taking over gossip channels. Tradition marketing will stay but can’t be said for how long.

A Big Secret. Only a handful of Nepali companies are working on SEM, YouTube, Facebook, and SEO. So, In the Digital marketing space of Nepal, there is a wide-open goalpost with no opposition players. A digital marketing agency in Nepal has the ability to score at will.

Growing a business through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is mostly beneficial for small businesses who are trying to compete with big players in the Industry. A small business might not be able to put out a TVC ad in a popular News channel but can surely put out an AD on YouTube. Also, small businesses with small budgets can easily learn SEO, Social Media Marketing, and other Digital Channels to grow their businesses drastically. Coupling with a digital marketing agency in Nepal will allow a business to hacking its growth exponentially.

My Clients as well as friends, have an e-commerce company, SajhaDeal. They started by selling clothing from Facebook. They always delivered quality products as well as good customer service. In the short amount of one year, they have made a name in the Online shopping community and have already opened an outlet in Park Plaza, New Road due to popular customer demand. Also, they are working on improving their website and we will be surely pushing them through organic searches.

So, they will have 3 channels to sell the same stock

  1. Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)
  2. Website
  3. Outlet @Newroad

Now, these three different channels can be interlinked with one another with offers, marketing campaigns, discount codes and much more.

We have several clients who are growing their business through Digital Marketing. Training Institutes, Colleges, Restaurants and E-commerce websites are some of the businesses which can achieve wonders in their business through the use of Digital Marketing.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. As the world talks about VR sets, Drones, Google Glasses, smartwatches, and AI, in the coming years, there are going to be Digital Channels we have never even used before. Also, Traditional marketing will keep on declining due to the world going Digital.

In the context of Nepal, Our Government is strongly pushing for Digitization and Smart Cities. Also, private firms such as Tootle, Foodmandu, Honeyguideapps are revolutionizing every industry and bringing a digital touch to traditional operating channels.

In the coming years, predicting the Digital Space, websites are going to go big. Right now, the awareness of Digital Marketing in Nepal is only limited to Social Media. But, this is shifting with familiarity with websites. This will bring a lot of opportunities for companies ranking early on Google SERP pages and creating a brand space on their website.

Content Marketing will be big as customers have stopped interacting with cliché ads where companies tell their customers why they are so freaking good. It will be more pull(Inbound) marketing than push marketing(Outbound) in the coming future. Also, don’t forget about videos. Videos will be the content that will hack the growth of your businesses. If you have not started with videos, you should start on your video marketing strategy right after you finish this article.

Future of Digital Marketing is bright in Nepal for both business and their customers. Businesses will have high ROI and an ability to track the success of their campaign. Customers will only be shown relevant ads and will get a chance to interact with the businesses that provide value.


When you are in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s utmost important to think about the direction of the company in the next 5 years. And with the Internet growing like it is, if you won’t go Digital, you will become obsolete.

So, if you are not working on your digital marketing strategy today, you should call your team and set up a meeting first hour tomorrow to create one. In the Nepalese scenario, if you can leverage the Digital Channels right now, you will surely be dominating your industry in the next 5 years. So, why not start now??

Do let us know if you think Digital Marketing has huge potential or not. Also, if you have any questions regarding Digital Marketing or about our Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal, please leave a comment below, and we will surely answer them.

Also, if you want to know about Digital Marketing Career in Nepal.

Ullekh Niraula

CEO, Digital Gurkha

Gurkha Out!!

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