The Journey of Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook marketing in Nepal

Facebook Marketing in Nepal – Everyone who uses the social media platform must have seen and interacted with these Ads. Maybe you even clicked the AD and found what you were looking. Or, maybe you are annoyed with an AD that comes again and again in your news-feed.

Some of these ADs are so beautifully curated, we can’t help but respond to it. while the others they are so “salesy” and “cliche”, they can’t intrigue us.

The potential of Facebook Ads is immense. First of all, there is not a huge competition, which means you reach your audience at a minimal price. Secondly, Facebook business manager has created an extensive platform that helps you to strategically plan your distribution at different levels, with all required details.

Any Facebook Ads can be understood in three tiers. This is provided by the business manager itself.

facebook objective types

Level 1 – Campaign:

The first level of every Facebook Marketing in Nepal is the macro plan that determines the direction of your AD. A campaign is defined in terms of objectives and goals.   Before you start promoting your content or business, you need to start with a campaign.

The objective of the campaign may be to make more people aware of your business or to find potential customers, promote any product or services. Whatever it may be, make sure you are clear about it beforehand.

Level 2 – AdSet:

The second level of ad creation is concerned with the details of how your ad should be promoted and to which people. There are three main attributes that you can define at the ad-set level. They are:

DG facebook audience example

  • Audience:  The audience is concerned with people who will be interested in your niche and business. You need to make sure you target a specific audience because you need people who know what you are offering. The audience can be defined in terms of location, age, gender, languages, and interests.  Facebook has made it so extensive that you could explore the different level of interests. Say you are targetting someone who is crazy for sports. You could narrow down the audience by specifying the sports. Let’s say football. Further down the funnel could be people who like FC Barcelona. And maybe if you want to narrow it down you could target only the people who love Messi.

Moreover, you could also set your audience to “not target” a specific group of people.

  • Budget: You can adjust your budget by specifying the amount you spend. The amount can be per day or a lifetime budget. You can also define the number of days or to run indefinitely(and stop when your results are achieved).  The estimations of the audience size is shown accordingly as you select different attributes. Higher budget per day increases the reach and engagement for your ads.
  • Schedule: The final part is the schedule of the ADs. Define when you want your ad to run and for how long.

Facebook Marketing in Nepal works wonder because of the wide range of audience of different groups and efficiency in budget usage. 

Level 3 – AD:

Once you have defined the campaign and fixed the ad-set, then comes the posts that are actually displayed to your audience. This is your brand’s image and voice on the internet.

A good Facebook Ad consists of a strong image that portrays your brand and your objective coupled with a good caption that clarifies the message and makes the call to action.

The Copywriting for the AD includes 3 aspect: Headline (maximum 25 characters), AdText-Caption(max 125 Characters) and the Link Description(30 character max)

Copy Writing and Graphics Creation are the major aspect of ADs.  Make social media posts that stand out. 

Is it enough now for all the things about Facebook Marketing in Nepal?


Let’s have a look at the types of Ads in Facebook.

Content – Type of Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads offer a wide range of content type to be boosted as ADs.

  • Image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Collection

Different Facebook Campaigns

As mentioned earlier, the ad starts at the campaign level for all type of Facebook Marketing in Nepal. There are three generalized categories of campaign possible for the Facebook Ads. They are:

1. Building Your Audience: 

Connecting With audience digital gurkha

The first type of ad campaign focuses on reaching new clients and customers who were previously unknown with your product or services.

You want people to know about your brand and how you do your work. The Ad should be designed such that it catches the audience attention and would make them stay for a while.

Find people that have similar interests to increase the awareness of your brand and increase unique viewers to the services you offer.

2. Connecting With the Audience

The second phase of the ad campaign is concerned about finding the people that would interact with your business on regular basis.

Page Like Campaign:

  • Digital Gurkha Page Like Campaign

The “page-like” campaign is what it sounds like. It is about getting more people to like the Facebook page of your business. In Nepal, this is relatively cheap as you can get up to 1 like per 1 Rs. The like campaign is very useful for your business as people who like your page can see more of your content. Moreover, having a high like in your Facebook page adds up to your credibility.

Engagement Campaign

The Journey of Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Engagement campaigns are focused on getting the audience to interact with your ads by making them comment or answer. you just want people to not just see the ad but also interact with it.

The engagement campaign could be to generate more engagement for sale. promotion or awareness through posts. Other effective engagement campaigns can be run for events. You can target people of specific

Lead Generation Campaign

Lead Generation campaign Digital Gurkha

The lead generation campaign is more oriented towards filtering out the potential customers from your audience base.

A lead generation campaign is intended to collect information from the audience. Usually, a lead generation ad directs to a landing page (usually a website page). However, Facebook ads ease up the process. Whenever your audience clicks on the button in the ad, a form pops up which allows the audience to fill the information instantly

3. Converting the audience

The final phase or campaign types for Facebook Ad is the actual conversion of your audience to customers.

Conversion Campaign

Facebook categorizes the conversion campaigns to three subheadings. 

Say, you are an educational consultancy, facilitating the visa process to Australia. Your conversion campaign is then directed towards getting people to apply for IELTS in your consultancy or to provide their documents.

If you are an e-commerce store it could be the sales of a specific product. 

One of them promotes the services offered by your business. There is a well-defined layout where you could display the range of services you offer.

Another of the conversion campaign type is oriented for the sales of a specific product. This could be in the form of a product catalog or a carousel ad. 

Facebook Product Ads

It is evident that Facebook Ads are not just extensive but also efficient. Different ad campaigns coupled with various content type allows any marketer to properly communicate their message and track their audience. 

Conclusion : Facebook Marketing in Nepal

Facebook Marketing in Nepal is increasing in the past few months and it will certainly spike up. However, not all of these ads will generate the desired result. Why? because there are a lot of variables and metrics that you need to take in consideration. 

Comes to the rescue digital marketing agencies, a team dedicated to growing your presence online through strategic planning, creative content, data-driven methods to get the required results. 

We at Digital Gurkha provide End to End digital marketing services in Nepal including Facebook marketing in Nepal. Remember us, the growth hackers, to step up your marketing game.

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