The Fundamentals – SEO in Nepal

Your curiosity coupled with the Google’s directory has brought you to this page for SEO in Nepal.

We will try to sate your curiosity by providing relevant answers to many questions you have had when you first heard the term SEO. Moreover, we will try to address the relevance of SEO in Nepal.

We, humans, are curious by nature. We always tend to ask questions, how things are why they are the way are. This zest for exploration of the unknown has helped us create and manifest anything and everything we see today. Keeping this in consideration, we humans have documented what we have found out for references and research. The digital world has made it easier for us to access any information or know about any products we desire, services of any company.

A general google search shows us any relevant content pertaining to the search. Let’s say we want to search for “Digital Gurkha”. There may be many pages that contain in it the words: digital and Gurkha. Google decides which of these pages is relevant and fit to display on the top page. This is done through a set of algorithms, not randomly.

SEO in Nepal


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It simply infers to manipulate and condition the search engine (Google or Bing). This is done to display your website to distinctly catch the eye of an intended searcher (customer, researcher, seekers etc). This is done by indexing your site, analyzing the information and linking it with relevant content. This helps to rank the site to appear at top 3 (if not in top10) searches in the first page of SERPs.

SEO in Nepal is optimizing search results targeting the consumers based on Nepal.

The techniques to obtain optimal SEO include process:

1.1 Keyword Placement:

Specific sets of words are frequent in searches pertaining to any content. These keywords can be recognized as per frequency, relevance, and intuition. Integration of the keywords into the content will make it easier for the Google to prioritize the webpage in user searches

SEO in Nepal should specialize in words ending with “Nepal”, like: on Nepal, for Nepal, in Nepal. etc.

In the Digital Gurkha SERP: Focus Keywords are “digital marketing agency”.

1.2 On-Site SEO:

Machines are adept at understanding rigid structures or templates. On-Site SEO focus on systematically arranging the elements of the Internet Page. This makes it easier for the Google Bots to crawl and index our site. These arrangements include separate HTML codes to distinguish Title, headings, Paragraphs, Sub-headings etc. Placement of an image also impacts on the crawling as text are indexed properly in contrast to images.

Having a relatable content in the contemporary Nepalese society is the focus of On-Site SEO in Nepal.

Refer Digital Gurkha SERP:  Keyword “digital marketing” in meta title, concise perma-link, expressive meta description with focus keyword

1.3 Link-Building:

The links within and outside of the sites make it ubiquitous and accessible from related content. This aspect an approach of adding links to another page on the website or to a different website(Off-Site SEO). This is seen in common practice by linking personal and business websites to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Nepalese Social Media Platforms are Chaotic but Order is always recognized. Build a systematic network of links for all of your profiles for proper SEO in Nepal.

1.4 Technical SEO:

Technicalities of a site may involve its architecture, sitemaps, access speed, redirection etc. It requires manipulation at the code level of the site to enhance the user experience. These are invisible changes to the site that reap visible results in searches and hooking up once found.

Exploring the technical dimension to SEO will be a distinctive aspect for anyone pursuing SEO in Nepal.

These are the SEO fundamentals for someone working in this field. A critical aspect to remember always is that the User determines what sites to click and how long to stay on the site based on his experiences. Putting thyself in a place of a potentially targeted user is a practice everyone implementing SEO techniques should consider. Working our way through Nepalese Hearts and Nepali Digital Marketing Space is crucial for SEO in Nepal


Why “do” anything holds more relevance than what to do. The answer determines if we are to commit to the task and if it is worth our time? There is a reason why SEO is working well for the last decade and why it will keep on working for time to come.

Too many information, Too many Links, Too Many Opportunities all seeking us.

Ubiquitous Options but limited Attention:

A simple search on SEO results in 430 million+ results, the buy shoes generating more than 777 million results. The huge Interconnected Network in the digital world provides a wide range of options through which we sate our searches.

How do we choose what we select from the searches??? – We scroll the first page, check if there is a snippet or refer to first 3 of the searches. That’s the general trend unless there is a more intuitive site.  The user time is limited, so the site they click on is something informative, relative or intuitive.

For maximum turnover of clicks, your website should be displayed on first few positions in the first page of SERPs. The selection is easier with a clear, concise and creative title, meta tags and the anchor text. Doing this requires for SEO procedure for the webpage.

SEO in Nepal is even more relevant as its a recently explored field. Not many organized actions have been taken in this time-space. This chaos is chance for standing out.

The edge that SEO provides to your business or personal web-page can be seen in terms of  following aspects:

2.1 Organic Clicks:

SEO is a long-term strategy that will help put your content to the consumer world in an organic way. Organic in sense, without force(using paid ads, bought keywords or popups).  Optimizing the weblog to fit in the search category of the search engines allows it to climb through the ranks in the numerous searches and get displayed on the top of the first few pages.

Moreover, once a user gets hooked on the website, SEO helps them to spend more time on the webpage.  The structural and placement aspects actually go and bring value to your intent.

2.2 Up to Date:

The digital world is dynamic, with a lot of contributors aiding to improve the Internet Experience. To continually provide value in the digital world, the website should be on par with the continual updates. The Searching mechanism and the shifting consciousness of human usage of the Internet should be assessed.  SEO includes compliance with the general searching patterns and user experience. This must be done on an incremental basis to shine the light on the business.

SEO is data and statistics based. SEO assess the performance in terms of Return Of Investment. It helps to replicate successful strategies and improvise as per the changing trends.  Failing to upgrade with the changes will accumulate over time and make it hard to surface out from falling down the line.

In short, SEO is a technique that allows competence and possibility in the dynamically changing digital world full of opportunities. It is done by leveraging the statistics and toolkit to display the content of a page at top of SERPs of a user.  SEO provides a path of least resistance to convey useful information recognizing the limited time availability for a user thus providing maximum value both to a consumer and producer.

3. When to Do SEO???

SEO involves arrays of techniques that start from the inception to the life of the website.

3.1 Before building the Website:

SEO process should start with the idea of the website itself. Designing and Planning a web-page to best fit the needs of the company requires researching about the niche or the specific area that the content covers and the targeted user groups that may find the content useful.  This provides the basic outlines around which the content of the website can be created.

3.2 While Building the Website:

This is probably the best time to apply SEO techniques. Some of the techniques to apply:

  • Using the right keywords at right frequency in the content
  • proper structuring using the title,  list, tables, headings, paragraphs
  • distinctly place objects
  • placing the important content at relevant place
  • the images on the right spot and in right number, etc.

This integration of SEO into the web page is an independent process not generally done by the programmer but a separate personnel.

3.3 After Building the Website:

Not all of the developers or digital agency take into consideration the integration of SEO methods in web site development. The process can be initiated even after completion of the website. In fact, most of the SEO tasks occur after the webpage has been built as continuous changes are required to be made as per the changing machine and user behaviors.


“Gurkha-Nepal was not built in a day”

A successful business cannot be made in a short time either, moreover establishing the presence in the digital world and maintaining it for a long time requires to view SEO as an incremental process to be started with the creation of website itself.


SEO is done by personnel working in the digital marketing field.

SEO in Nepal is currently being done either by freelancer or agency. 

Developers don’t indulge themselves in depth for SEO. They may take trivial steps in structure and arrangement.

Even a person building the personal web page may do SEO. The efficiency may not match the expected ROI with many aspects to take in consideration.  An effective SEO can be achieved as:

4.1 Digital Mindset:

The working of a digital interconnected system may seem random but its certainly working under rigid sets of rules and algorithms that amends itself as more searches and data are stored.  Anyone working for SEO should realize that machine operation is not sporadic like the physical market. This rigidity is the aspect a specialist should and will leverage to display the desired content in the right way at the right places.

4.2 Intuitive Thinking:

Machines understand binary language only, but the human exhibit fluidity in their action. As humans are the ultimate target for consumption of anything we post on the internet, a professional should think from the point of a potential user. The algorithm is an aspect that links the user curiosity with appropriate opportunities. However, there is no chance for reaching to a destination without anyone seeking for the path. So keeping aside the technical and systematic details, one must learn to think freely as a consumer.

4.3 Research Oriented:

The digital trends are entropic by nature.  Constant changes are made on regular basis on how a machine understand humans command. Not only that a machine juggles a lot of parameters and variables at a time. Recognizing all these changes and parameters is a daunting feat. A sound SEO professional is updated with these changes and incorporates multitude of parameters. Moreover, understanding the general trend and predicting what might be next in the consumption pattern is what makes an SEO professional stand out.

4.4 Understand Scenario:

SEO has its core principles of relevance. It is necessary to understand what is actually the content producer is trying to express and what is it that the consumers are seeking. Let’s say I am searching “Buy Shoes”. I would find the search results only useful for me if I find results in my immediate reach. Displaying search results of sales in Germany while I am in Nepal does not align with my intent of the search.

4.5 Analytics and ToolKits:

With about 3.5 billion searches per day, there is simply too many statistics and data to understand and analyze the search pattern and user consumption. A human may not assess all these data so there are dedicated software and tools at our disposal. The best and free toolkits are provided by Google itself. Every SEO professional should have a dedicated profile to use the tools.

google analytics

4.6 Create Network:

The main objective of SEO is to increase the reach at the minimal effort in an organic way. An integral but often overlooked part of any SEO professional would be to create the chain of networks. This is the channel connecting to a certain group of people who would be the go-to consumers of the content. These are the people that are accountable to you. They bring value to you as the loyal fan-base who creates the chain of engagement in your website which makes it easier for Google to rank. Afterall, the algorithm heeds the call for what is sought most.

Nepalese Digital Space is in its infancy, a dedicated chain-of-network will ensure efficient SEO in Nepal.


The internet is a diverse and resourceful area. It may keep you wondering of the best fit technique to apply for the desired turnover of consumers.

First, On-site optimization should be carried out while building the process. Building the site based on an understandable structure with appropriate placement is a must for a good SEO. Integration of related and intuitive keyword should be done along with the content creation. These features help rank the page better and anchor the targeted customer. The creation of the network of links connects the website with different pages of the same website and to other web-pages. This is done by relevance and resonance.

These are just broad and general classifications of the techniques used in SEO. SEO in Nepal will be a bit different in comparison to the global context. There are two special methods I would like to discuss.

5.1 Local SEO in Nepal:

The Fundamentals - SEO in Nepal

  • The need for specialization of the targeted customer has risen with the rise in arrays of opportunities available in the digital market. This is seen generally in Nepali search trends. We end each sentence with “in Nepal” or “for Nepal”. This shows that the search trends are affected heavily by the geolocation of the searcher. Google has allowed its algorithm to recognize the services and business in the nearest vicinity. There is a set of procedure one can follow to have a better ranking in the local searches.
  • First of all, a geo-specific niche should include the location(address) relevant in the title and meta-tag itself. Providing too much information is a waste of available characters so don’t cluster too much. Providing the Name, Address and Phone (NAP) is the generalized rule for display.

The Fundamentals - SEO in Nepal

  • Secondly, it is important to have local citations to your website. This may be in form of reviews to your website from visitors or consumers. It can be a dedicated link to your website from a website operating in the same area or same niche. This can also be done by listing your website/business in different business directories such as thedirectorynepal, yellow pages. Of course, Google has their own directory: “MyBusiness”. Registering the sites on these directories and having reviews will give more connectability to your site and thus the desired reach.

5.2 Social Media Marketing :

  • A completely different and vast area covering digital marketing, social media, can be leveraged to increase the SEO efficiency.  We spend more than 80% of our digital device time on the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. With these platforms taking up a vast portion of our attention, they offer exponential turnover. It allows us to reach to the diverse group of “possible” consumers. To utilize the social media platforms to the best, there must be a dedicated Facebook page, Instagram Page and LinkedIn Account for the business. These platforms must be linked to each other and to the website itself. Providing detailed information in the specified format makes it easier for the machine to find the website in this vast web of links.

 6. Who to Hire for SEO in Nepal???

SEO is not a new concept but SEO in Nepal is just evolving. It has not been long since companies in Nepal have realized its significance for the sustainable organic turnover.  A dynamic field with utmost possibilities requires us to channelize the skills and expertise to achieve maximum efficiency.

Pertaining to where to do SEO or in general whom to choose for SEO. We have three main options:

  • 6.1  Self :

    Anyone building a web page may also work for the optimization of the website for search engines. He will have to work his way by use of proper structure and methods. This is a hectic process and should only be pursued if you want to learn the field. Or, if you have more than enough time to chill and get confused.

  • 6.2 Freelancers:

    Freelancers are the individuals that do not work for a certain company but represent themselves. They work on numerous projects which has helped them hone their skills and build a fancy portfolio. Many of the freelancers have average skills charging a mediocre amount. There are ones adept at digital marketing charging high prices. Finding the right freelancer to meet your need is a work of chance and a rather inconsistent process.

  • 6.3 Agency:

    The top hierarchy of professionals are the dedicated agencies. They specialize in SEO in Nepal or in general digital marketing in Nepal. These team of dedicated members cater the needs of your business to stand out in the digital world. There are several companies in Nepal pursuing the digital market industry, and for sure not all of them will meet your requirements.  Having read the contents of this blog I am sure you know what to look for in an SEO professional.

    If you are lazy:

    An SEO professional should have intuitive thinking, research-oriented work, technical dexterity, familiarity with analytics, consumer-oriented and immersed in the producer mindset.dg marketing agency in nepal

Guess what? We made your search for the best SEO service in Nepal even easier. We at Digital Gurkha know the digital waters and have learned to swim through, to the top of the hierarchy. We offer the state of art optimization of your site by understanding the machine and the Nepali market and leveraging it to systematically hack the growth of our clients.


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