21 Reasons – Importance of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Have you ever wondered why Digital Marketing is gaining popularity and why is it that many brands are adopting digital platforms to market their product/s and build their brand?

Well, the global shift to digital platforms started in the early 2000s but in Nepal, it has gained huge traction from 2015 and beyond with 2018-19 being the year most businesses went digital.

But what is it that makes digital marketing attractive? What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Today We Provide You 21 Reasons for Importance of Digital Marketing

  1. It is cost-effective
  2. You can communicate directly to your audience
  3. You can reach more people
  4. You can have a targeted audience
  5. It generates higher ROI and Revenue
  6. It Helps generate lead
  7. It explores creativity
  8. It offers data and analytics
  9. It integrates creativity with technology and psychology
  10. There are a lot of platforms available
  11. You can be part of the customer journey
  12. You can stay ahead of your competitors
  13. You can stay local or go global
  14. You can earn trust and build a reputation
  15. It is the marketing of today’s time
  16. It helps to identify your weakness and strength
  17. It inspires inbound marketing
  18. It allows User Generated Content
  19. Speak to Mobile Audience
  20. it allows you to carry out A/B testing
  21. You can optimize your campaign in real-time

Hope you have understood the relevance and importance of digital marketing.

If you are interested to learn more about digital marketing, or the context of digital marketing in Nepal or are thinking of starting a campaign or career in digital marketing, feel free to contact us through any channels or read the digital Gurkha blogs.