Digital Marketing for Beginners - 100% Practical Training | Learn Digital Marketing by Doing !!

Starting Date

April 10, 2022


6:00 pm

Class Duration

3 Days Per Week


Physical Classes


Ullekh Niraula


Week 1: Business and Marketing Basics

Day 1: How does a business work?

  • Fundamentals of Business

  • Integrating Marketing into your product

  • Build a viable business Canvas

Day 2: Marketing in Digital Era

  • How Consumer Behavior has changed in Digital Era 
  • Consumer Behavior of Nepali Audience
  • Case Study of Successful Marketing Campaigns 

Day 3: Who do you market to and where?

  • Different Digital Marketing Channels

  • Build a user persona

  • Essential Digital Marketing Strategy for your Company

Week 2: Content Creation

Day 1: Write to influence and sell

  • Copywriting – Write to sell

  • Blog Writing – Write to Influence

  • SEO based Writing – Write to Rank

Day 2: Design to attract attention

  • Design your logo through Canva 
  • Design your Social Media Posts through Canva 
  • Build a Presentation through Canva

Day 3: Create Videos that are watched

  • Create hooks and thumbnails in a video
  • Tell a visual Story through your phone
  • Build a 1 – 3 minute Video for Tiktok

Week 3: Social Media Marketing

Day 1: Building a Social Media Strategy

  • Build Social Media Strategy for Facebook

  • Build Social Media Strategy for Instagram 

  • Build Social Media Strategy for Tiktok

Day 2: Organic Social Media Marketing Techniques

  • Tiktok Marketing – The beast

  • Linkedin Marketing – B2B Service Businesses

  • Viral Marketing – Creating Hype

Day 3: Running ads on social Media

  • Ad Manager Setup

  • Run an Awareness Ad

  • Run a Lead Generation Ad

Week 4: Search Engine Optimization

Day 1: Building a website through Wix

  • How do you build a website without Code?

  • Build a website through Wix

  • Understanding UI/ UX and CRO concepts

Day 2: Understanding on-page SEO

  • Keyword Research techniques

  • Meta Title and Description

  • URLs/ Internal Linking/ and Sitemaps

Day 3: Google Search Console and Backlinks

  • Google Search Console

  • Building good Backlinks

  • Google My Business (GMB)

Week 5: Search Engine Marketing

Day 1: Run Search Engine Marketing Ads

  • Setting up Google Ads

  • Keyword Research and CPC

  • Writing Ads that are clicked

Day 2: Building Display Ads

  • The beast of Digital Presence

  • Create Images for Display Ads

  • Run Digital Ads

Day 3: Building Youtube Ads

  • Are Youtube Ads as good as Television?

  • How do you Build a good Youtube Ad

  • Run Targeted Youtube Ads

Week 6: Getting Returns from Digital Marketing

Day 1: Retargeting Ads

  • Retargeting on Ads Manager

  • Retargeting on Google Ads

  • Marketing and Sales funnel

Day 2: Getting Return on Investment

  • Set up Google Analytics

  • Understanding different Ad Data

  • Calculate CPA and ROI

Day 3: Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Funnel

  • Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Building a Digital Marketing Proposal

Course Description

In this course, you will start by creating a proxy company (If you have one, we will use that), building a business canvas for the company, build the audience, and then learn how to market to get results for the organization.

It is a 100% practical course where we skip all the fluff around Digital Marketing and start executing from Day 1.

You will learn how to create great content, get instant results and leads through Social Media, build a website through Wix, and learn SEO, Google Display Ads, Analytics, and so much more.

Implement immediately After Learning from this Digital Marketing Course.

What Will I Learn?

  • 45 Minutes of practical and 45 minutes of theory in every session 
  • Learn Digital Marketing by creating a proxy company
  • Nepal Market Based Digital Marketing Techniques


  • Laptop
  • FB Account
  • Dollar Card (Preferable)

Who this course is for

  • People interested in starting a career in social media marketing
  • Beginners working in Social Media Marketing
  • Business owners who want to use social media

Resources included in the Course

  • Audience Persona Template
  • Audience Empathy Map Template
  • Checklist : FB, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, Pinterest (Page Setup)
  • Size Guide
  • Content Calendar
  • Ecommerce Proposal
  • Smartphone Launching Proposal
  • Restaurant Proposal
  • Event Marketing Proposal

What's Difference in Physical Class?

Face to Face Interaction

Realtime Learnig Experience

Internship Assistance

About the Trainer

ullekh niraula

Ullekh Niraula

Mr. Ullekh Niraula is a Digital Marketing Expert who has experimented, learned, and taught different Digital Marketing Channels.

He has led a successful Digital Marketing Agency, experimented with Digital Marketing for his various venture, and is a regular speaker and trainer in different colleges and Corporates.

He will be sharing his 10 Yrs+ Experience in Digital Marketing and help you implement Digital Marketing for your organization as he has done for clients like Macchapucchre Bank, Hongshi Cement, Vianet, and more.

You will love us too...

People who have enrolled in our courses have found themselves to be better equipped for professional life. 

This course is for complete beginners who want to get first-hand knowledge and even pursue the topic as a career.

This course will be held on Zoom at the given course time.

 The course is completely live and not recorded. You will be learning from our experts in real-time.

The course has a duration of 7.5 hours in total. This is a 5-day session with each session lasting for 1.5 hours.

 No. The whole purpose of this session is live interaction with the trainer so, you won’t be able to access the footage once the class is over.

Yes, you will be able to interact and ask your questions to the trainer as the session will be held live.

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