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Client Name

Hongshi Shivam Cement




  • Influencer Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Display Advertsiment

  • Video Marketing

  • SMS Marketing


Hongshi Shivam cement, a joint venture of Shivam Group and China’s Hongshi Cement, is the largest producer of cement in Nepal producing 6000 metric tons daily with its first smoke and dust free factory in Nepal


  • Activate the brand digitally

  • Promote brand linking it with safety, quality and one of a kind

  • Get people to interact and engage with brand

  • Reach maximum people through social media and Google network

About the client

Hongshi Shivam cement, a joint venture of Shivam Group and China’s Hongshi Cement, is the largest producer of cement in Nepal producing 6000 metric tons daily with its first smoke and dust free factory in Nepal

Digital Gurkha
Did a great Job

“Digital Gurkha did a great job launching our Digital Campaign with creative and result oriented work.”

- Sampada Dwivedi, Hongshi Shivam Cement

The Strategy

  • Consistent Brand Presence Across Different Platforms

    We leveraged Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Ads and Youtube to market Hongshi Cement and insured that a consistent message was spread across these platforms. With a targeted audience group and a high budget we made sure that the creatives were finding way to as many Netizens as possible. The adverts were changed regularly to spread different messages

  • Page Like Campaigns

    Once we had a grasp of our audience and started our social and google advertisements, simultaneously a page like campaign was run capturing the people who interacted with the adverts. The page now boasts more than 50k likes with a loyal audience base that interact consistently

  • Photography and VideoGraphy

    To ensure that we had high quality real time images to be promoted digitally, we started off with a photography and videography session of their factory. The cement factory is the biggest in Nepal and the only smoke and dust free factory in Nepal. The fully automated plant was also a big feature which ensured Hongshi Cement had the highest of quality. We tried to capture the essence of the factory, production process and quality assurance process. These were later promoted on social profiles as well as used for creative visualization.

  • Campaign Building : User Generated Content

    Realizing that to create lasting impact advertisements would not only be enough we launched a campaign named “Mero Ankha Ma Nepal” which required users to send their creative content showcasing their perspective on Nepal. The campaign had a total cash prize worth 245,000 and to ensure that we had maximum participation we incorporated: Video Marketing of Pillar Video, Influencer Marketing of Contest, Social and Display Advertisement and Mini Engagement pertaining to the campaign. The campaign was finished off with an award ceremony

  • Engagement campaigns

    As we started off with hongshi cement, we regularly ran engagement campaigns that revolved around construction, construction materials, guidelines as well as hongshi cement. This made sure that there was a consistent group of followers that regularly interacted with the brand on social media. Prizes were also given on some of the engagement campaigns which attracted more people to participate in such posts

  • Influencer Marketing

    2019 saw a massive increase in the influencers promoting different brands and we wanted to leverage it for Hongshi as well. Thus, to promote our Campaign “Mero Ankha Ma Nepal” we collaborated with different influencers who were professional actors, models, food bloggers, as well as professional vloggers. The influencers were selected as such that they themselves would enjoy participating in the event while enticing their loyal fan following to do the same as well. We chose a professional vlogger as our main influencer which made sure that we had a lot of creative people pitching in their take on Nepal. Also, we promoted the campaign on different pages that had high reach and very high engagement.

The Outcome

Let us show you what we have achieved. And, let us assure you that we will help you build and scale to the maximum of your potential.

  • 1M

    Total Video Ad Impressions

  • 4M

    Total Facebook Video Ad views

  • 32M

    Total Display Ad Impressions

  • 13M

    Total Facebook Ad Impression

  • 46M

    Total Impression

  • 67,935

    Total Page Likes