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Client Name





  • Youtube Advertisement

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Display Advertsiment


Vianet is a leading Internet Service Provider of Nepal bringing for the first time FibertotheHome, thus redefining the market scenario with increased bandwidth and facilities


  • To help Vianet get more enquiries and eventually help them connect with more customers

  • To encapsulate audience from different geographic

  • To increase brand visibility and subconsciously connect Vianet with Internet

About the client

Vianet is a leading Internet Service Provider of Nepal bringing for the first time FibertotheHome, thus redefining the market scenario with increased bandwidth and facilities

Tools Used

  • Vidiq
  • Tube Buddy
  • MOZ
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Ahrefs
  • Facebook Business Suite
  • Buffer

The Strategy

  • Increased Reach

    Our first start to the campaign was oriented to reach as many internet users in Nepal as possible. We started with minimum to no targeting until we made sure that the ads were displayed extensively over the display network. This was paramount as the number of internet users are constantly on the rise as well as the number of people switching ISPs was also increased.

  • Geo Fencing

    Once we had a large group of audience that interacted with the Ad, we identified areas or locations that got more interactions on that. Then we capitalized on those areas and in later stages we also pushed on the areas which receive less interactions.

  • Streamlining Social - Display with ATL/BTL

    Vianet is usually running campaigns and is active on the advertising side so with digital platforms we worked on to streamline all of the efforts. Adaptations of the ads were made and boosted heavily on display and social platforms with different objectives: message, form fill ups and

  • Videos Marketing

    As we needed to provide a lot of information to the customer regarding the packages, its cost and different offers we started all of the campaigns with engaging videos which would capture the audience and provide them with accurate information! This worked well as video is the most engaging form of content!

  • Lead Generation Campaign with Offers

    The ISP market of Nepal is competitive with different companies vying to capture the market with better bandwidth, lower prices and other added benefits. With Vianet, different lead generation campaigns were run through social media providing them offers on the speed, price as well as other benefits. Through these campaigns, people were interested in the service and leads were generated !

  • DarkAds

    To capture the audience in certain geographical regions certain offers were created and ads were run in the backend just targeting the people in certain areas. This was done to ensure that different packages were available to people at different locations without conflict in why the rates or packages vary!

  • Retargeting

    With Vianet we extensively used retargeting! People who interacted with our social and google ads were retargeted with campaign offers and lead generation forms which made sure that we reached to the audience who would be more likely to interact and be interested to Vianet’s Service

  • Giveaways

    On a weekly and monthly basis we ran giveaways on social media which was done to constantly engage the customers and make them come back for more. It was mostly done for football matches in the premier league and champions league because a lot of customers who subscribed fell under the category of liking “Football”

  • Page Like Campaign

    We ran page like campaigns at different times firstly to improve the social proof and second to attract more customers. Giveaways and exclusive offers were highlighted to invite the customers to actually like the page.

The Outcome

Let us show you what we have achieved. And, let us assure you that we will help you build and scale to the maximum of your potential.

  • 51^

    Alexa Ranking

  • 444M

    Total Paid Impression

  • 474,968

    Total Video Views

  • 27,078

    Video play actions

  • 2,895

    On-Facebook leads

  • 27,078

    Message leads