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Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is an Internet marketing practice for search engines. Google has been the go-to place for most of our searches. Thus, search engine marketing will focus on the advertisement and marketing through Google search network, google display network and its wide varieties of platforms.

You pay Google to display your ads on top of the search engine to increase your visibility and conversions.

Search Engine marketing is now a broad term that incorporates good search engine optimization with paid advertising.

Google Ads made it possible to bid on ads to display for specific keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases you type for a search.

Say you are a Nepalese business trying to make an online presence for your brand and increase the revenue generated online. You will need a good digital marketing strategy and suitable professionals to execute for you. Therefore, in the search engine, you type for “digital marketing agency in Nepal”. This is a relevant and high-intent keyword which can be a go-to place for your digital marketing agency to advertise.

Internet marketing or digital marketing has had a significant impact on the ways business brand themselves and sell their products or services. Thus, Google has made it easier for marketers by building a common platform: GoogleAds, by integrating different kinds of ads all over the internet.

The basic Ad-types available from Google are:

Search ads: Search Ads are those ads that appear along with other search results (organic) in the search engine result page(SERP). These advertisements are displayed on top of the page for a particular keyword making sure you are visible to the people exploring information, services or products in your field. “BE JUST A google search away” from your customers and the desired sales.

Display ads:  Display Ads are the category of Google Ads that are displayed on the websites and applications linked with the Google Network. This is the most diverse way to advertise yourself with over two million websites and 650,000 apps that can display your ad. Moreover, these ads can be made in a variety of forms. You can have a text-Ad like a search Ad; a banner Ad with thought-provoking texts and graphics. Furthermore, you can display your ads to appear in the Gmail platform; grab your customer attention as they prepare for an important mail).

Video ads:  A video is worth 1.8 million words. The engagement your user provides is very high with a video. Similarly, Google makes it possible to share your story directly to the customer through video-ads. Video Ads are displayed on Youtube, before, in between and after actual videos play. INvest in a Video ad today and You can stay ahead of the competition and attract desirable customers.

App ads: Mobile has been the primary device for using the internet and other day-to-day tasks. Mobile applications like games, planner, music platforms etc are in high demand. Many developers around the world are constantly making new applications. Increase the visibility of your application and attract potential users by using AppAds. Google uses machine learning to promote your ios or android app across google making it very efficient.

How to do Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine marketing is a broad aspect that takes time to learn and master. However, it is necessary and pressing for your business to learn about SearchAds and how to do them.

Setting the Intention:

First of all, a search engine Ad starts with selecting a keyword to display your Ad on. Take a note of all the search term or terms your potential consumers are searching for. Google has made it easier with a keyword research and strategy tool as part of GoogleAds. The keyword planner helps to discover relevant keywords as well as comparisons between different keywords. Consequently, you know which keywords have a high search volume and the ones that have high competition for bids.

Then there is a possibility of geotargeting. You can create Ads to run over a specific city, area, zone or across the globe. SEM allows you to scale from local to global as you need. If you are running a small business catering to a limited audience, local Ads will work for you. However, if you want to increase brand awareness and outsource your work, go largely!!!

The Technical Execution

Certainly, the most important step is the actual ad creation itself. Text-based Ads are the common practice for search Ads. Write a relevant headline associated with the keyword. Create a compelling Ad copy with closely grouped keywords targeted to the type of audience you want to cater. Based on your performance, you will get a Quality Score for Ads. The high-quality score means your ad has higher chances of reaching to the desired audience.

Finally, the technical part is concerned with the bidding. Google makes it possible for competitors participate in an auction where they bid for advertising in a particular keyword. Once you find a keyword that has a high possible return rate pay the price you want per click, or impressions/view. Based on your maximum bidding and quality score you will have a better position in the auction and your Ads will display.  You can place your bids manually, assessing what is working or what is not. In contrast, you can try automatic bidding by choosing one of the six bidding strategy google provides.

Why anyone does SEM

Search Engine Marketing has been the go-to options for marketers to increase audience and business revenue. Some of the reasons SEM is used extensively:

  1. Generate Traffic to Website :

The primary use of search engine marketing is to increase the number of visitors that come into your website.

If you have a good user interface in the website with excellent products and services but have limited customers, then its probably time you run a pay-per-click campaign.

Displaying your ads on the top of the page helps you to reach a large number of audience that is constantly seeking Google for everything.

2. Increase Brand Awareness :

People are more likely to buy from brands that are recognized well and have distinct values.

SEM can help build awareness for your brand by making your values, products, and services visible in the search engine pages.

3. Track Conversion and Actions:

Search Engine Marketing, with help of its different tools, help in conversion tracking. As a result, you can know how effective your ads were to determine the action of the customer you are targeting.

You learn what the customer did after seeing your ad.

Some common actions to track are Downloads, Purchases, Installs, SignUps, etc. It helps you to know which keywords, adsets, and campaign work to invest in a high ROI strategy.

Why Should You use SEM?

  • SEM has the feature of geotargeting that allows for Global or Local access as per your need
  • The algorithm works around relevant keywords which helps target the right people at the right time. (The customer has the possibility of making a decision anytime he likes through SEM ads)
  • Above all, SEM Ads are free until clicked. The basic search engine ads are based on pay-per-click(PPC) or cost-per-click(CPC) basis. Hence, you only pay for the ads that convert your customers.
  • You can set the right budget for you, yourself. Decide your budget and choose a plan that fits you.
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