SEO expert in Nepal :

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An SEO expert in Nepal is someone who can cater to the needs of not just a single niche but as many as possible. Being an expert in SEO is not easy as you need to be technical as well as tactical. Working to meet the criterias of algorithm while still maintaining the brand identity is

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the practice of curating your content and website to be ranked in the top of the search results for the keyword you are targeting for. The keyword refers to the word or set of words that define your business/product. These are the words someone would type on the browser/search engine whenever they want to search or find anything.

Basically, Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website and consequently the product and services are being found, by your audience, ahead of all the competitions.

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How can you be an SEO expert in Nepal?

Nepal is getting on par with the international standards in every aspect. Technology, especially information technology, is a field where people from Nepal can contribute equally as the people around the globe.

1. Know the Intent :

  • The number one factor SEO is focused on is the intent of the search. It is essential to realize that an SEO expert in Nepal will primarily focus on optimizing content that will be relevant to Nepal.
  • If you are a Nepali e-commerce site selling different products then you need to optimize your website such that people from Nepal will find you first before they are led to the international e-commerce sites
  • This also implies to the product/service you distribute. Let’s say someone is searching for a “digital marketing agency”. This keyword signifies that the searcher is looking for an agency who provides digital marketing services. This high intent means that it is not efficient to just give information on digital marketing rather divert the audience to the actual services itself.

2. Start with a website:

  • The best way to learn something is to start on it. if you want to become an SEO expert in Nepal, you need to first find a website you would like to promote and make visible in the digital world. Identify your website’s theme and recognize the keywords that you should push for.
  • You could start with a personal website or a website for your business. Find the websites that are ranking higher in the keywords you are targeting for. Learn what kind of content and optimization are they pushing for. Implement the threshold and try to exceed their doings.

3. Explore the depth of the niche:

  • Before you move on to the next website, you need to be proficient in a specific field or niche. If you are successful on getting ranked better in search engine for a few keywords then move on to conquer more of the keywords in that niche. The best SEO company in Nepal are those who are usually ranked high on more than 20-30 different keywords related to SEO.
  • Some if the keywords that have the highest searches are:
    • SEO services in Nepal
    • SEO in Nepal
    • SEO expert in Nepal

4. Find new niches:

  • An SEO expert should be able to reproduce the result in not just one niche but in any niche, he works on. Once you have conquered the challenges in a certain area, try to see how the same can be implemented in another area. The basics will be the same, however, along the way you will learn about what needs to be changed. The variation in the projects you undertake will help you consolidate your learning and gain a complete perspective

5. Incremental Learning Process:

  • Once you know the basics and have worked around several websites playing with a wide range of keyword, being an SEO expert in Nepal is just limited by your imagination and effort.

Tips for learning SEO:

1. Learn from the best:

You can always play the instrument but to create a music that resonates you need to understand the instrument and its rhythm.

There are several resources online for learning SEO but make sure you learn from the best because some are better than others.

A few blogs on SEO we have found useful to learn on

Neil Patel

The Moz Blog


Search Engine Journal

Yoast SEO


2. Record and Analyse your Analytics:

How can you be proclaimed as SEO expert in Nepal? Know your Analytics, Track Your work and Improve accordingly.

Google has made it easy for us by providing analytics that shows real-time results of our effort. As you explore different techniques for SEO, see how it has helped change the traffic and visibility of your website.

You can see whether you are getting more searches from the keyword, or through link redirection or by organic searches. Triple down your effort on what is working and find a way to improve on what is not working.

3. General Tips: How to do SEO? The Basic Steps to SEO

1. Integrate Keywords: Place the keywords you want to target for throughout your website in your content.

2. Curate Title, Url and Description: The Search Engine understands your website through a certain structure. Make sure your page/website title, the URL to it and the meta description is in terms with your SEO target.

3. Create Internal Links: Your website is ranked through the pages, not just a single entity by itself. Create a link between the pages in your website that are interrelated to get ranked higher than pushing just a single page.

4. Description for images: The Search Engine does not consider the image as a valuable content if it does not adhere to a structure. Make it easier for the search engine to identify the category of the image you are using. Have a powerful anchor text as the ALT description for your images.

5. Link to other websites: The net worth of your website is estimated by how many links are pointing to your website and to how many is it linked. Create links to other websites to be part of the huge network

Why digital Gurkha stands out in terms of SEO experts:

DIgital Gurkha is a digital marketing agency, where we specialize in Search Engine Optimization. The projects we undertake and the efforts we have made to grow in the SEO field has helped us stand out in the crowd of SEO experts in Nepal.

What makes our team your ideal choice for SEO in Nepal?

1. A Complete Team: We believe that SEO in itself is not as much powerful as it can be when coupled with copy-writing(content creation) and social media marketing. We make sure that you get the best results of our SEO service in Nepal by leveraging different aspects to getting ranked.

2. Market Research: We are thorough in our research work. Digital Gurkha makes an effort to be immersed in the niche you want to target for. We do a complete research of all possible keywords, along with the search traffic and the intensity of intent. Moreover, we identify the possible competitors who are targetting the same set of keywords or playing in the same niche.

3. Pattern Recognition: Our approach for SEO is data driven and contextually relevant. We analyse what the users are searching and how their search behavior is changing. From the detailed analysis of relevant data from our SEO process, we find out what is working and what is not. This is then integrated into the content/website of our client. It may include changing of meta titles, targeting more specific keywords, prioritizing some keywords over another. However, we also make sure that the deduction we have come to is not an ambiguous one.

Seo course in Nepal

Various training institutes and agencies in Nepal are providing a detailed course training for SEO. SEO experts working in different fields in Nepal are responsible for the creation and administering these courses

General Course Content For SEO:

  • SEO, the Intent God
  • Why SEO has the best ROI
  • Technical SEO
  • Plugins for SEO and how to use them
  • Tools and Techniques of SEO
  • On Page SEO
  • Content Writing for SEO
  • RSS feed/Sitemaps
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Off Page SEO
  • Creating High DA back-links
  • Google Webmaster
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing

Paid Training for SEO jobs in Nepal:

There also institutes and agencies that offer paid training programs to learn and excel at SEO.

Some of them are:

  1. SEO training Nepla
  2. Elance Digital SEO training
  3. Training NEpal SEO Course
  4. Ecdemy Nepal

However, you can achieve a level of expertise and proficiency by learning yourself. As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of sites that can help you enhance your skills.

We at Digital Gurkha have our own set of blogs and videos that you can learn from.

Basics of Search Marketing

SEO in Nepal – The Fundamentals

Search Engine Marketing: Marketing To be Found

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