Social Media Marketing in Nepal: How to Create Posts That Stand Out

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Social Media Marketing in Nepal is the new trend for generating brand awareness and creating sales for your product and services. It provides an access to a huge platform with a high potential. Create posts that stand out to be ahead of the race.

Social Media Marketing:

Human beings are social animals. We have all heard this.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat proved it to be true. There are more than billion people connected in each of the aforementioned platforms. Most notably, Social media has done what no conquerer before was able to do.

A business doing digital marketing in Nepal should adopt social media marketing. Simply, because “it is fishing in the right pool”. You are guaranteed there will be a gathering, you just have to be good enough to attract the attention.

The Ultimate book: Facebook:-

Facebook gets more reads per day than probably any books ever written.
It is a place to bond with friends, share life stories and maybe dreams or desires. We need to understand what kind of content to post on Facebook because we use it for specific purposes.

What works on Facebook and What does not???

Faces get a high engagement in terms of a post because the interconnected network is vast and to some extent anonymous. You never know who is on the other end of your digital device. This has led to people validating posts that include people.

Facebook has developed a bias for videos with different posting platform and displaying more videos as “Posts Across Facebook”. Not to forget, the Autoplay option as well.

You can sell a product through Facebook but only if you are credible enough. There are many experiences where the ordered product and delivered product differ in expectations of quality. Therefore only show what you are but don’t fake it. Use a high-quality image for the high-end product and service you offer.

A user will buy the product if you have a big audience base on Facebook, curated news feed, regular posts, wide varieties.

Facebook has become the primary platform for news sharing and advertisement. Personal and Group photos are still on demand but the majority of newsfeed is filled with the advertisement of products and services or links to news-portal and article hubs. Facebook is the Queen Bee to attract the audience for other business and sites.

What Works Even Better ???

Other people sharing reviews, participating in your activity, talking to their friends about you at their tea-break.

It is important to generate a curated audience for your brand. The right way to do that is to give, give and give. Provide your audience and potential consumers with value to add. It can be through knowledge, privileged services, free products. Just Give.

GiveAways Work and Don’t !!! The Nepalese business can accelerate their leads and conversion through campaigns to provide additional or free values to the customer. Posts that include ideas like “GiveAways”, “Predict and Win”, “Discount”, “Sales” do attract.

Social Media Marketing in Nepal attracts attention.

However, when we tried this for our US Client: MatoNatural, the response was not as high as expected. It seems like the American Consumers are already using Amazon, eBay etc for shopping and do not consider Facebook to be a shopping platform.


Instagram is the new cool !!!

The number of Instagram users, especially of the younger generation, has increased exponentially over the past two years. Hence, there is an active group hooked to their screens waiting for something to distract them.

This generation has a diverse choice and bias for quality. It is not easy to get attention in the platform this hyped !!!

More people are shifting to Instagram for a cleaner look with less banter and more visuals. Instagram was originally a high-end platform used mostly by celebrities. This ensured the quality of posts in Instagram which has continued till now. We believe it is the responsibility of Instagram users to live up to this quality

Instagram is the platform for creators. Only the best use Instagram for social media marketing in Nepal. Understand Instagram to post better photos (and Videos):

How to make Instagram posts that stand out ???

Instagram is the most conversion oriented social media marketing platform. Know some inside secrets and you can stand out!!!

First of all, Hashtags still work on Instagram. With recent updates, you can even follow hashtags. IG has made it easier to categorize different types of content over the platform. Hashtags help to distribute it to people who would prefer it.

Furthermore, Emojis 🙂 😀 :P, GIFs create more responsibility for your posts, stories, and captions. We have often heard, “people forget what you do, but remember how you make them feel“. Emojis and GIFs are lively ways of interacting and expressing to the audience.

Finally, There are good newsfeed and bad newsfeed. The look of your newsfeed determines interaction with your page. As mentioned earlier Instagram is known to be a cleaner platform than facebook. Above all, build your Instagram NewsFeed that looks clean and holistic.
Build Instagram Feed That Stands Out

In Conclusion

You can never know which of your content will work the best and which will not.  Content Creation as part of Social Media Marketing is a hit and trial method tied with a structure.

Stories act as a constant bridge between two entities. If you post relevant content without spamming, stories will provide the edge to uplift the engagement and morale. You don’t have to have a grand setting with perfect timing all the time !!! Natural and Raw works the best.

There are a lot of variables that determine how well each content is received. The timing of posting, contextual relevance of the post, preferences of the audience all play a role.

However, not all of these can be fulfilled with accuracy. Push high-quality content curated for the targeted audience on a consistent basis. With time desired reach and engagement are bound to follow.

One thing for sure is Social Media Marketing in Nepal will grow to an even larger extent.

Batonsnotab @ DG

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