Aashma Bashyal

HR Executive

Nanny Skills: * * * * *
Dances : * * * *
Dances in front of us :

Always an Ace Student, Aashma is the one who everyone expects on! “Singing Aashma” – Mostly because of her iPhone 11 Max Pro. (Just Kidding). She makes sure that every one of the team is motivated and enjoying their work. She does come up with different fun activities on the weekly Whimsical Wednesday Sessions!

Aashma is fond of experiences and knows how to keep her balance. In the morning she is quick to her MBAs, in the day she is synced with the work, at home she nannies Aavash, Mayra & Saurya, and full time she rocks her Instagram feed.

Did You Know? Aashma and broken cup handles are a thing!!!