Sushil Dahal


Theatrics :* * * * *
Engineering :* * * * *
Ideas: From 0 rises the possibility of the ∞
Settling Down:*

Wise, friendly, and devoted – Batman just might be the most organized guy you’ve met in a while. True to his words and schedules, he has a remarkable way of coming up with brilliant ideas and executing them to the T. Only 7.5 minutes into a conversation later, you’ll realize that he has his way around words, and not just on paper.

Tread at your own risk though, his talks are deep. You get lost in that depth, or you dive in with him. Speaking from experience, you gotta love the latter! Batman believes in balance and if you are in for the structured side, be ready for his crazy side. He is willing to explore the dark side, learn from it for newer and higher experiences.

Now let us cut the chase and answer the question which I know is bugging you. Why Batman? Find the entire story in the blog link below.
BATONSNOTAB-  Resonating with the Universe

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