The Only Platform to Get Organic Reach in 2020 – TikTok

The Only Platform to Get Organic Reach in 2020 - TikTok

If you are a digital marketer in Nepal and still think TikTok is just for kids, oh boy, we need to change that mindset. Started as a platform to share short video content on the internet, it has become one of the most viral and uprising apps in the history of the internet. With the audience mostly being Gen Z, it’s filled with meme humor and statistically speaking, it’s showing the future of marketing. 

Let me ask you when was the last time you sat down on the TV to watch a 1 minute ad made by a small business in your area. I am not talking about multi-million dollar companies who can spend millions on an ad. I am talking about someone like you, someone like us. When was the last time our ads became viral? You get my point, right? So, now that we have set a track, let’s get down to some business and make some guap on the internet. Oh, the ‘guap’ is a Gen-Z slang of money, you’ll need to get used to it.

1. TikTok is made to make you viral

If I hear one more excuse like, oh we need quality production, tools, and DSLR camera, I am gonna literally punch you in the face. TikTok HAS absolutely most of the tools in the app itself to get you started and make you viral. You want sound? You got it. You want editing features? You got it. You need special effects? You got it. The only thing you need to do is ‘stop being lazy’. One of the greatest things about Tiktok is the fast content, just millions of 15 seconds clips per hour, you can never get enough of those. Honestly, if you are gonna hire a professional with Adobe Suite to edit videos in Tiktok, it’s simply a waste. Almost 98% of videos that go viral in Tiktok are made from mobile phones and it’s just 15-second clips.

But it’s hard to think of viral content? I hope you don’t think the internet is a place where you put all your life and soul into one video and think it’s magically gonna become viral. NO! Let me give you the most realistic example to make content for Tiktok. Imagine someones holding a gun to your head and tells you to make 60 minutes of content. Wouldn’t you do it? Now break that video to 15 sec, even if you post 4 times a day, it’s still 60 days of content. Period.

2. The customers of the future

If I have to give you a tip for TikTok, DON’T SELL! Yes, you heard it right. I don’t have to tell you about the majority of people who use TikTok, it’s the Generation Z & Millennials. Remember the fact that they want captivating content and not some business trying to sell them charcoal toothpaste. Most people go for the later but you will get the most from just making content to build a community and just… have fun!

Now, let’s talk about how that’s business, in layman terms, those “kids” are the future of the world and they will have to grow up soon, and guess which company they recognize since their teenage years? Yours, right? Bling Bling, customers of the future! 

Also, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to just try out new things with the mindset to not sell. You have no idea how many ideas you and your employees can create when they aren’t forced to market a company but just be themselves and generate content that they want. And you being the digital marketer can surely think of ways to incorporate that to subtlety market your business and even if you don’t, it’s absolutely fine. You can never tell when and how you can go viral.

3. The algorithm is made for virality

The most amazing thing about TikTok is, anyone can go viral in an organic way. You can have 0 followers, but your video can get a million views. Isn’t that just mind-blowing to think about?

TikTok focuses more on videos that people want to see rather than the videos made by the people you follow. Unlike Instagram’s algorithm that is when you click on content in the explore page, the same type of content shows up right below, it’s like an eCommerce store. It gets tiring to watch identical videos continuously for the 30th time in a row. But, with Tiktok in the ‘For You’ page, it shows a wide range of content that is trending and going viral in your area. Now you have the chance to see, is it the humor that’s going viral? Is it the sound? Or is it the dance move? Now, it’s easy. Just with a click, you can start making the same kind of content associated with your brand of your creativity. To be honest, TikTok itself helps you by showing you what’s trending before it shows you the videos made by the people you follow.

Lastly, now I hope nothing’s stopping you from creating your first content on TikTok. And always remember in whatever content you make for whichever platform, if you aren’t having fun and liking what you do, it shows up in the content and there will always be something lacking in your content and that is ‘heart’. For more digital marketing insights, you can go to our page here.

By Shrijan Dangol, contributing writer

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