Video Content : The Future is Here

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Video Content: The Future

Have you wished to see the future? We wish too.

Let us share you a secret the numbers tell. The alignment of digital devices and the stars predict the rise in videos. Videos have been huge and will be huge for days to come.

DG Video: The future


Videos speak more than words and images can ever do. Video content has been on the rise in the past years with creators and business realize its potential. What are the general categories of video content?

Tutorial: The most common form of video content in the internet is the “how-to” videos. 7 in 10 people use Youtube to learn new things or to solve a specific problem. These work because you are giving value to the audience, adding to their knowledge.

Customer Testimonials: Customer Testimonials are validation to the service or product. These act as a real-time proof that what you have to give is something worth pursuing for.

Demonstrations – Reviews: Another form of video content that has been on increase is the demonstration videos of certain products. Many YouTubers now associate themselves with particular brands and give an honest review of the experience they have while using the product.

Vlogs: Vlogs or short form of Video Logs are based on the idea of “Document to Create”. These are generally used to depict the day to day life of the creator documenting the experiences. The most common form of vlogs is travel vlogs, fashion/beauty vlogs, lifestyle vlogs.

Live Video: Live Videos have up to 35% more engagement and traction than pre-recorded videos. The use of live videos has increased dramatically over the last two years. You can host a live video from most of the social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Moreover, these platforms have now integrated 24h stories to allow for quick sharing of events. Snapchat led the way but it’s effectiveness was soon realized by every platform. Gaming Videos are one of the most streamed live videos.


  • By 2019, Video will account for 80% of online traffic – Cisco
  • Up to 81% of customers agree that a video impacts on their decision
  • Videos have 1200% more share than text and images combined
  • 99% Business and Creators who give out video content say that they will continue to use video
  • According to a Hubspot Survey, audience recall up to 80% of video ad they have seen in the past week
  • 2 min works better than 30 min :
  • 50% marketer think a video is the best way to create engagement with the audience – Adobe
  • 65% executives view videos and go to website after the viewing
  • Think with Google: 70% Youtube to solve their problem
  • Hubspot survey: 54% of the audience want more video content from the brands they are following
  • IN 2018 video saw a 35% boost in the views while live video gained up to 77% increase in views
  • An average audience watches 1-3 hr of video content per day
  • The best business and creators give out an average of 18 video content per month
  • 2019 will see creators experimenting on the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The gaming world will take a lead on this.


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DG Video Editing Tools

Video Editing

The essential part of video creation is the Video Editing, that help you stand out from the crowd and wow your audience.

The creation of Video requires you to be immersed in storytelling, know branding goals and understand audience demands. More to it is the tools you should use to level up your game. Some of the tools are:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro: This is the complete package for Real-time video creation. Imagination is the limit. It is a powerful editing tool that helps to produce high definition broadcast quality videos. It can be useful for both video enthusiasts and professionals. You can import from a wide variety of formats and manipulate the elements in a visual timeline. Effects, filters, titles can easily be added.

2. Adobe After Effects: Use it for Adding theatrics to your video with effects and templates. After Effects make it easier to add special effects, 2D animations, titles, and shapes. This is a motion graphics software where you can create motion in different layers of text and images.

3. Final Cut Pro: It is the finest video editing tool for Mac. It comes with a highPriceline though (Think Different) 🍎 It combines the high performance of digital editing with native support of wide range of video formats. It is easy to use and saves you time for storytelling that is easy to use and.

4. Adobe Lightwork

5. Adobe premiere element: It is the lightweight version of Premiere Pro, a suitable place to start leveling up your video editing skills.

The navigation through these tools for manipulation of video takes a long time with considerable effort. But, start today and you will outwork your expectation.

SHORT videos

DG Short Video Content

The attention span of the digital generation is getting shorter and so is the trend in the content we consume.

There are a number of pages that provide quality content in any specific topic or niche you are searching for. It is essential to adopt a proper content strategy to ensure you are engaged with the audience you are targeting.

Videos are the content type with the highest engagement. A video can be used to tell a story or offer a detailed description. You can get as creative as you want.

However, Short Videos have better engagement than long videos. Why? Because people want to take the essentials all at once and avoid the useless. –
The extensive use of stories and videos on Instagram is a working proof of this consumer behavior.

Take the shot, share it, and enjoy.

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