3 Best Working From Home Tips For Nepali Businesses

Due to the unfortunate event, we have all been forced to close down our businesses and stay home which is of course for the better of the country and the people, BUT, the amount of damage it’s dealing with the economy is not to taken lightly.

While most businesses were already preparing for a work-from-home option before the announcement of the lockdown. The sudden enforcement did take a heavy toll on all the offices and employees in Nepal. Being one of those early bird companies to plan for the bleak future, and now with intensive research and extended meetings, and with full experience of a week working remotely, here are the best tips for working from home for the Nepali business to survive during the harsh times of the lockdown. 

1.Communicate Everyday

For the first-best tips for working from home, let’s start from the operations point of view, the attendance machine at the office is now absolutely useless. So, we had a lot of questions just from the attendance machine alone. First “How do we keep track of the time?. Second “Where do we do the attendance?”. Third “How do we know how many tasks the employees have done?”. Taking all these questions into consideration, we deceived a simple solution for this and it’s probably the simplest and effective way for a Nepali business… “do a group meeting”. Wait, now before you say íts a waste of time and go somewhere else, there is a catch to it. We don’t do normal meetings, we do a ‘standup meeting’ but of course we do it while sitting at home. 

So, whats a standup meeting?

Simply, its a short, precise and effective conversation while standing up which signifies that we just talk about the important things and move along on our way. 

We decided to do two meetings in a day, one was in the morning 10:15 am and the other was in the afternoon at 3:00 pm. For the group meeting, we used a software called ‘Zoom’ and in the first one, each one of us spoke only about two things “What are we doing today?” and the special topic of our company which everyone loves “Happy Moments”. Likewise, in the afternoon, we speak about “What did we do today?” and your tasks for the rest of the day. Each of these meetings is short, so for the 16 of us, it takes roughly 20 mins to end.

This process helped HRs keep track of the attendance and for the operations to assign tasks according to the employee’s schedule and the number of tasks that’s on their list.

3 Best Working From Home Tips For Nepali Businesses

2. Always Be Online

For the second-best tips for working from home, let’s see what happened first, the most difficult part of working from home and to top it off with being Nepali was the lack of face-to-face talk. The tasks that could have been finished in seconds turned into minutes to even hours due to the lack of communication in the first few days of working remotely. Since even the delay from one person resulted in the halt of many others, we decided that it’s absolutely necessary to be online during office time whether it be on the laptop or mobile. The main communication software we use in our office is slack, but Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Phone Messages are also in our messaging armory.

Its been more than a week and we have seen a drastic change in how the employees are being self-aware about the fact that they are a part of a working chain and for them to not be available without notice does set back the whole team. With employees being responsible on their own, we definitely love our employees and are very proud to see them take such a step by themselves, but obviously, it was compulsory, to begin with, but you all get the idea!

3. Take It Easy

For the third-best tips for working from home, while working from home, no matter how prepared or how many software we use, there is always going to be a few challenges that are just not in our hands. Every one of us needs to acknowledge and respect the fact that not everything goes according to plan and it’s Nepal… so you get the point. Lagging internet, time-to-time blackouts and the naps after the morning ‘dal-bhat’ are the unofficial integral part of being a Nepali citizen. So, for the bosses to the operations, to the employees working together, let’s all be conscious about our duties and respectful to our employees and work-mates cause they are just another human being like us and all jokes aside, some things are just not in our hands.

So, this is it everyone, some of the best tips for working from home for Nepali businesses.

  • Written By: Shrijan Shrestha

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