A complete guide to Investing in Stock Market in Nepal

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September 15, 2021
05h 17m

Course Description

Start from zero and progress to learn how to make passive income by investing in stocks. There is a lot of opportunity to create wealth by investing, and this course will help you build foundations for your journey in investing in stocks on NEPSE. This course will help you learn all the tools and techniques to become an expert investor, and will provide time-tested tips for making better decisions.

In this course, you will not only gain insights to investing in stocks, but will benefit from the life-time access to a lot of material and resources that we will update on a regular basis. All the material has been customized in the local context of Nepal.

Join today to understand the basics of investing and gradually progress to become a master investor.

What Will I Learn?

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Investing Tools
  • Investment Theories
  • Practical insights

Topics for this course

129 Lessons05h 17m

Chapter 1. Introduction to Shares

2. What is Company?00:03:55
3. Why do companies add shareholders?00:06:34
4. Annual General Meeting00:04:58
5. Why Invest in Shares?00:05:39
6. Rights and Benefits of Shareholders00:02:22
7. Risks in Investing00:07:21
8. Why does a Stock price go up?00:00:49
Introduction to Shares

Chapter 2. Starting your Investment Journey

Chapter 3. IPOs and Beyond

Chapter 4. Important Bodies

Chapter 5. Concepts you must know

Chapter 6. Setting up an Investment Account

Chapter 7. NEPSE and other Indices

Chapter 8. Trading Tools in NEPSE

Chapter 9. Important Investment Principles

Chapter 10. Understanding Financials

Chapter 11. Growth and Equity

Chapter 12. PL Statement

Chapter 13. Other Financial Statements

Chapter 14. Ratio Analysis

Chapter 15. Bank Specific Ratios

Chapter 16. Investing!


  • A deep desire to learn and make money by investing

Who this course is for

  • Anyone willing to make passive income by investing

About the instructors

Avish Acharya

Experienced Banker, Chartered Accountant

Avish is a financial sector professional with expertise in Finance, Treasury and Investments. He is also a Trainer and Coach.
5.00 (5 ratings)

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3 ratings
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sir is very talented

too good, best explanation by sir...
yesma vako kati topic ta youtube ma vako expert harule kaile vanekaii thiyenna jasto xa aaja samma

technical analaysis ni lyauna paryo aava chadaii

I got every information about stock market in Nepal. Thank you so much for the course.

NPR 999

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